Anyone had the Novarg Virus yet......

  rotormota 23:07 30 Jan 2004

I have but all is well now.

  sirhc 23:45 30 Jan 2004

yeah virus checker caught it this evening from [email protected] ??? with attachment
sorted straight away.
as they always keep your virus checker up to date.

  mgmcc 00:05 31 Jan 2004

I have received at least 30 copies of the virus, but always deleted with Mailwasher without downloading.

I have also had an email bounced back to me, at an address I only use for RECEIVING mail, on the basis that it contained the virus, so it is being sent from one of my addresses that I never send mail from (though it's probably in someone's address book).

  Gaz 25 01:13 31 Jan 2004


I run a small advisory website for viruses. The e-mail account that harvests these viruses detected 20,000 of them. Serious.

For more information the MyDoom (aka. Novarg) click here and click on the advisory.

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