Anyone got an Evesham laptop?

  Totally-braindead 12:42 29 Sep 2007

A friend of mine has been given a Evesham laptop. It comes with a Windows disk but it appears the disk is for upgrading from Vista Basic to Premium or indeed to Ultimate if you so wish. Needless to say you have to pay but what I am wondering is if this can be used as a Windows disk for repairing his Basic installation as it also comes with a driver installation disk.
The hard drive is smaller than it should be which leads me to believe that theres a hidden partition for reinstallation but theres no info on how you get into it.
Anyone any ideas?
As well as this the Windows Calendar program is malfunctioning at startup so I would obviously like to repair this but am unsure as to how to do this without a windows disk. Unless the windows upgrade disk can be used for this purpose?
The laptop by the way was new, his daughter I believe bought it for him as a present not knowing Evesham went kaput last month (least I think they did).

  A&D 14:13 29 Sep 2007

The Evesham web site and technical support are still functioning. Why not give then a try?

  brundle 14:17 29 Sep 2007

Can't be sure about the repair-disk aspect, if it's bootable and has an I386 folder quite likely, but some OEM disks have modified files. The actual Vista DVDs are identical though, no matter what version you use.
The Calendar bug was fixed with the recent Reliability & Compatibility update; click here

  Totally-braindead 17:45 29 Sep 2007

Thanks for that A&D I'll give it a go, and thanks too brundle I'll fully update his PC first before trying anything else. I'll see if the Evesham site has details of how to reinstall windows etc for future help.

  Totally-braindead 17:51 29 Sep 2007

Sent Evesham a email and we'll see what happens.

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