Anyone got an Ebook reader

  gerryp25 22:11 14 Dec 2008

HI I am considering buying one of these Ereaders possibly a Sony, has anyone any experience with this type of products? I usually take a lot of books to read on holiday which takes a lot of room, with these ereaders I can take up to 160+, bit of overkill I know but it looks a nice gadget.
Would appreciate any help

  keverne 23:14 14 Dec 2008

I've got one and the claims that the battery 'lasts for yonks' are wide of the mark.

That matter is nothing compared with the price of ebooks - more than the price of the printed versions that have been discounted by all the main book retailers.

Click on 'Customer reviews' click here

  realist 09:35 15 Dec 2008

CNN did a review of e-book readers as to their suitability as travel-kit and the Sony was judged best (compared to an Amazon own-branded version).

However, my travelling days are long since over and I feel obliged to support our local library, such as it is, whilst we still have one.

I generally don't see the point of owning books, books electronic or othewise.

  gerryp25 22:06 15 Dec 2008

Thanks everyone I think the ayes have it, will see what the price is after Christmas.

  gerryp25 16:01 18 Dec 2008

To all you owners , where do you get your downloads from?, looking at Waterstones site they aren't exactly generous with the discount especially considering the 3 for 2 offers these days. Can the ebooks be downloaded from anywhere else?. I was trawling through some sites can't remember which now but one of them was an American site who were selling ebooks for under $5. Are there any cheaper sites out there?

  gerryp25 20:50 20 Dec 2008

I notice that all the free books are out of copyright and therefore old, I was looking for new books for which payment is required. Do I have to download the new stuff from the Sony site?

  keverne 21:11 20 Dec 2008

In addition to Waterstones click here there's also WH Smith

click here

  gerryp25 21:23 01 Jan 2009

Another query before I get one. Am I correct in saying that the ebooks are downloaded to the computer first and then downloaded to Sony, my query is if anything goes wrong with the Sony do I still have the download on the computer or have I lost the book especially if I paid for it ?. Does anyone have any experience of the BeBook, it cost a bit more but apparently accepts more formats.
I am working in the dark here so any more help would be helpful.
My last comment is that if Gandalf has got one it must be the real deal!!

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