Anyone got an Ebook reader

  gerryp25 22:11 14 Dec 2008

HI I am considering buying one of these Ereaders possibly a Sony, has anyone any experience with this type of products? I usually take a lot of books to read on holiday which takes a lot of room, with these ereaders I can take up to 160+, bit of overkill I know but it looks a nice gadget.
Would appreciate any help

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:28 14 Dec 2008

I'm getting one for Xmas but I have used a friend's and the Sony reader is excellent. There is no way that I would go back to paper books unless they were reference books but Google seems to fill that void. The battery lasts for yonks (6 readings of War & Peace I am led to believe)and if you add a memory card/stick, you can store thousands of books. It has a page mark facility and you can magnify the print. The print is incredibly easy to read. As far as I am concerned the paper book is dead.


  AL47 22:53 14 Dec 2008

i would never get one, i couldnt revise from a screen nor could i read a book from a screen, i see the appeal but screens and reading just dont work for me

just my addition

  keverne 23:14 14 Dec 2008

I've got one and the claims that the battery 'lasts for yonks' are wide of the mark.

That matter is nothing compared with the price of ebooks - more than the price of the printed versions that have been discounted by all the main book retailers.

Click on 'Customer reviews' click here

  curofone 23:38 14 Dec 2008

Ebook readers are nothing like reading a text on normal computer screen. Most acutally use a type of electronic ink that when has a electronic current passed through creates the page of the book on the special film screen so it pretty much like reading a real book. They are actually actaully amazing pieces of kit.

I was once the same as you and thought that it was a stupid idea as i hate reading look passages of text on normaly computer screens but when you actually see one of these ebook readers you will be amazed by the difference between the two.

If you want to have a closer look click here and there are 3 videos you can see some reviews on a couple of them

  €dstowe 08:24 15 Dec 2008
  realist 09:35 15 Dec 2008

CNN did a review of e-book readers as to their suitability as travel-kit and the Sony was judged best (compared to an Amazon own-branded version).

However, my travelling days are long since over and I feel obliged to support our local library, such as it is, whilst we still have one.

I generally don't see the point of owning books, books electronic or othewise.

  gerryp25 22:06 15 Dec 2008

Thanks everyone I think the ayes have it, will see what the price is after Christmas.

  AL47 22:17 15 Dec 2008

i did try to look at those reviews, my internets probably to slow, cause they dont load :(

must say i didnt know that btw

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:17 15 Dec 2008

'i would never get one, i couldnt revise from a screen nor could i read a book from a screen, i see the appeal but screens and reading just dont work for me' need to see one before commenting.


  gerryp25 16:01 18 Dec 2008

To all you owners , where do you get your downloads from?, looking at Waterstones site they aren't exactly generous with the discount especially considering the 3 for 2 offers these days. Can the ebooks be downloaded from anywhere else?. I was trawling through some sites can't remember which now but one of them was an American site who were selling ebooks for under $5. Are there any cheaper sites out there?

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