Anyone familiar with Ikea lights?

  Sapins 09:12 10 Dec 2008

Five years ago we bought two ceiling lights each with five spots on a track fed from a central unit with a transformer, I wired them together and they worked perfectly till one "unit" started to switch itself on and off then it failed so we went back to Ikea and they replaced it for €6.
I wired it back in and now when I switch it on the original unit comes on immediately but the replacement delays coming on for about half a second.

Does anyone know if this delay is built in, there a number of small changes in the fitting. I don't fancy another drive of 250km. if it's not necessary.

  oldbeefer2 09:28 10 Dec 2008

Not sure this is the best forum for advice on lights!

  Technotiger 09:37 10 Dec 2008

Hi, if the delay is only about half a second, I don't see why you are concerned. Fluorescent lights take much longer than that to come on.

  Sapins 14:22 10 Dec 2008

I need the lights to see to work on my laptop;-)

Technotiger, I think I'll contact Ikea on this.

  Spark6 14:41 10 Dec 2008

I have a feeling that the delay is due to the design of the replacemnt 'unit'. To get all five into synch you'll probably have to replace the other four!

I'm with TT on this.

  Sapins 18:35 10 Dec 2008

I have only replaced the central unit, the halogen bulbs are all separate on the track. I am concerned that the previous central unit worked instantly it was switched on as does the other original central unit.

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