Anyone else having problems with AVG?

  vienna1981 16:20 15 Nov 2003

Hi I have AVG 6.0 the free edition and for th epast couple of days I have had problems getting updates, it says i am receiving the latest AVG update file, but sticks at 0%...any suggestions? should I just re-install it? Thanks in advance

  johnnyrocker 16:22 15 Nov 2003

you could either run control manager and do it from there, it strikes me you may have a lot running on pc at the particular update time?


  hugh-265156 16:23 15 Nov 2003

servers are busy

keep trying

  vienna1981 16:34 15 Nov 2003

thanks huggy...johnny i dont have a lot running at the time of update, whenever i update something i close down other unnecessary programs

  Lasse 14:40 16 Nov 2003

I have ust installed AVG 6:0 on my computer and I have had problems updating virus definitions. I have broadband, first it could not locate my internet connection, then when it did it was only downloading at up to 12kb/sec. Whereas when I normally download it is approx 80-120 kb/sec. It was the same on my wifes computer.

  Stuartli 15:00 16 Nov 2003

It sometimes takes several attempts to download AVG virus updates; on other occasions they start immediately.

As huggyg71 points out the reason is likely to be that the servers are being given a pounding.

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