anyone else got problems with this site link

  end 17:58 05 Nov 2004

anyone able to get this site click here to do its job?

or is it just me unable to get it to work?

  pj123 18:00 05 Nov 2004

Comes up OK for me. What do you want it to do?

  Dorsai 18:05 05 Nov 2004

The site comes up, but i have no idea if does the job it claims.

I take it you can get the site displayed, but not get it to work as claimed. I am not going to try, as have never heard of them, and dont want to end up posting links that may end up to be iffy.

  end 18:10 05 Nov 2004

I can get the site to display , but it will not "do" the thing it is meant to,
I have never had problems with it before; it makes a long url into a short one that can be "clicked" easily; it does what it claims to do, as I have been using for many months now; but for some reason today it is playing up:(

  end 18:12 05 Nov 2004

right; see what this does

click here
it should send the reader back to this thread:)I hope:)

  iambeavis 18:20 05 Nov 2004


  end 18:23 05 Nov 2004

I am testing it on other links and pages.

something very odd going on:(

  end 18:25 05 Nov 2004

try this;

should go to one of my own threads, so "safe":)

click here

  VoG II 18:26 05 Nov 2004

" something very odd going on:("


  iambeavis 18:27 05 Nov 2004

I have a 60 page document ; (using Windows 98se and Word 2000) I want to save specific pages separately to complete them on computer then e mail them across for my tutor to analyse the content. but how?

cannot work out how to tell computer to save a specific page or group of pages separately; clues please would be helpful.tas

the original has been e mailed over to me if that makes any difference?

the whole thing is annoying me now:(

  end 18:30 05 Nov 2004

right ; try this; this is NOT to a forum page but very much "medical" so be least it should be:)

click here

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