Anyone else get this Ad-Aware Error?

  mattyc_92 10:54 06 Oct 2006

Hi all,
Just tried to update Ad-Aware SE Personal, and I get this error: click here

I haven't got the time at the moment to trouble-shoot this error (will sort it out later on), so I am just wondering am I the only one with this error?

  GroupFC 11:02 06 Oct 2006

No, but there have been lots of comments here recently about Ad-Aware (not having updates for ages [or so it seem], not being able to get the latest update at first try etc) - probably your best bet is to try later.

  Carpigiani 11:04 06 Oct 2006

Yes, same problem here.
As GroupFC said lots of reports of Ad-Aware update problems recently.

  Fingees 11:09 06 Oct 2006

When I go to update, because is says it's 20 days old.

I get no new updates available

This may keep your mind at rest.

  anskyber 11:12 06 Oct 2006

Yes. Several times. I did an uninstall a few minutes ago and reinstalled. All now OK.

  anskyber 11:13 06 Oct 2006

Latest updates are dated 05/11/2006

  Stuartli 11:15 06 Oct 2006

Yes, but they won't download...:-)

  anskyber 11:16 06 Oct 2006

They have for me after a reinstall.

  Carpigiani 11:17 06 Oct 2006

It really is just a matter of trying again later if necessary.
Mine just updated ok.

  anskyber 11:17 06 Oct 2006

Oops 05/10/2006!

  mattyc_92 11:18 06 Oct 2006


"Latest updates are dated 05/11/2006" - You sure you don't mean '05/10/2006'? ;-)

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