Anyone else being pestered?

  Dr. Charles(retired now) 09:50 27 Apr 2004

I'm on NTL broadband, the last two days I'm being pestered with e-mails alleged females all with the names ending ie for example Annie Cindie etc. All these e-mails say these are women looking for a relationship.

Looking at the properties it says the return address is [email protected] is anybody else getting these at the moment? They'd contain a photograph of a female, they appear to be Asian, I'm not sure if this is an immigration scam. I am currently treating all e-mails with the usual caution, firewall and virus checker up-to-date.
Best wishes,
Charles :)

  johnnyrocker 09:53 27 Apr 2004

what anti spyware do you have on board?


  Giggle n' Bits 09:55 27 Apr 2004

I would report it to your local police, if you think it is some sort of imagration I also would do the same.
Also I would contact your ISP and report it if you feel its offensive.

  Dr. Charles(retired now) 10:14 27 Apr 2004

I have Ad aware and AdsGone plus a pop-up stopper. The pictures are not pornographic or adult, they just look like people who are very mournful.

All the e-mail addresses are the same as the persons name upfront e.g. [email protected]

It makes life difficult because I work on two pain web sites, where obviously on those forum's people do not put their real names on to their user names on the web site -- -- -- as here. It just makes life a bit more confusing and sad. I just thought I'd put it on here to advise others, if you're on NTL watch out this could be happening to you, but also just to check if anybody had the same problem, ask how they were dealing with it. I can't block all the NTL incoming emails, and it looks as if this woman's name keeps going in alphabetical order.
Best wishes,

  spuds 10:24 27 Apr 2004

The only thing that you can do here, is to report it to NTL Complaints investigation team. Let them have the details, so they look further into the matter.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:59 27 Apr 2004

There is little tht can be done as a) they are not illegal and b) they will not be stopped by firewalls or spyware programme.

Just delete them and assume that you are receiving them because of your dashingly handsome countenance.


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