Anyone coversant with burglar alarm bell box connections?

  Covergirl 15:35 15 Jan 2012

OK, not computers but computerised by way of an IC or two.

I've got an old 1995 Charnwood CHS400 control panel (PWO by the way) I just need to replace a rusty bell box.

Obviously I can't get compatible old stuff so had to go for a new Lynteck 120 LED/Xenon bell box.

My control panel outputs are STR, Bell, 12v, 0v and TR

My bell box inputs are TRC, Hold+, Hold-, Tamp R, Tamp N and STR.

(There are other inputs such as SPKR1, SPKR2, Batt+ and Batt- but they are already spoken for).

I have tried 3 combinations but no success yet, so wondered if any experts out there with a few minutes to spare knew (off the top of their head so to speak) which ones connect with the box?

I've tried following the instructions but the terminals markings don't match.

I'll be phoning the shop tomorrow so no worries if you can't help Cheers

  woody 15:45 15 Jan 2012

At that age (17yrs) would it not be worth replacing all but the wire?

  eedcam 15:57 15 Jan 2012


Sorry couldn't resist that

  cruiser2 16:00 15 Jan 2012

It would be cheaper and quicker to leave it to the experts. We had an alrm fitted tenyears ago. Have an annual maintenance contract. Have replaced some of the sensors for free. Had to pay for new batteries when the readings were low and a new panel to set the alarm. This only cost £30.00

  Batch 18:16 15 Jan 2012

I installed my alarm 24 years ago. No maintenance contract (aren't these a rip off like all maintenance contracts / extended warranties?)

In that time I've:

-- Replaced control panel ('cos keypad stopped working)

-- Replaced control panel battery a couple of times.

-- Replaced the PIRs with dual technology ones. Used to get very occasional false alarm, but dual technology has eradicated probs.

But sorry - off top of my head don't know what the "new" connections are.

  TonyW2 18:43 15 Jan 2012

Can't help but try DIYnot forums under alarms.

  Covergirl 22:55 15 Jan 2012

@Batch - my thinking exactly. Installed it myself and replaced bell box once before (faulty) and control panel battery once.

Keypads are like TV remotes - rubber pads impregnated with metal which makes a contact on the circuit board. Tea, coffee and beer occasionally prevent the contacts 'making' so it's a dismantle and wash for the rubber parts and a wipe over with electrical contact cleaner or a smear of WD40 for the circuit board. Also works for control panel keypads when oxidisation strikes!

No PIRs here due to cats - just vibration detectors and some magnetic breakers.

Thanks for all your thought but I reckon it's a phone call to the retailer - they have an in-house expert I've been told:)


  Graham* 00:48 16 Jan 2012

Pet immune detectors here

  onionskin 01:59 16 Jan 2012

I'm not an expert, but I wanted to have a go. It looks like: [CP]STR to [BB]STR // [CP]BELL to [BB]TRG (not TRC?) // [CP]12v to [BB}Hold+ // [CP]STR to [BB]Hold- // [CP]TR to Tamp R

Tamp N: Ignore if only one Bell Box, or connect it to Tamp R on the 2nd Bell Box.

  onionskin 02:02 16 Jan 2012

Hang on! That isn't what I put. [CP]STR to [BB]STR // [CP]BELL to [BB]TRG (not TRC?) // [CP]12v to [BB}Hold+ // [CP]0v to [BB]Hold- // [CP]TR to Tamp R

Tamp N: Ignore if only one Bell Box, or connect it to Tamp R on the 2nd Bell Box.

  Covergirl 05:38 16 Jan 2012


Hmmm - TRC ? TRG ? I think it's fairly obvious in this pic

Yeah - that's what I thought - why does it say TRC in the board and the instructions say TRG?

Anyhow, I think you got the same as I did but will have to evaluate - there might be one (Or two) connections differing. I'll let you know as I have to get moving. Cheers

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