anyone complained to BT about BB speed ?

  [DELETED] 16:21 11 May 2006

hi, I was upgraded to the 8mb service from the 2mb service on the 28th last, i realize I will not get the full 8mb, but they did say it would be about 4.5 kbps, so that is two weeks ago, the speed is now 1752kbps, anyway, just emailed them to ask why, anyone ever had any luck with BT sorting things out...


  [DELETED] 17:25 11 May 2006

Does you router support the 8mb speed? Check the list at BT's website.(click here its about half way down)

  [DELETED] 17:53 11 May 2006

hi, it's a 54mb wireless router the same as the card...both netgear...........

  Mike D 18:06 11 May 2006


So was my Belkin one, but it didn't support 8Mb.

I was getting 1800 ish, but today 700!!!


  [DELETED] 18:06 11 May 2006

There's been a lot of problems about broadband speed and about how the speeds are advertised. Basically it's a lottery whether you'll get the full 8 MB or not because it depends on the conditions of your line and the distance you live from the exchange. You should get a faster speed but it might not reach 8 meg. Broadband providers always leave out these facts and market the service as 8 MB when really it could be lower, which is wrong. There have recently been new guidelines on how these services are advertised and the providers should state that 8 MB is a maximum speed and may not be the speed you get, as many people are confused when they expect to receive a faster service than they actually get.

  [DELETED] 18:24 11 May 2006

I complained to BT because I wasn't getting anything like the 2mb they advertised; I was advised to read the ad again because it actually says 'UP TO 2MB' mention of what it can go down to. I haven't bothered changing to 8mb because I suspect it'll be just more of the same.
And they don't seem to want to publish their contention ratios either.

  [DELETED] 18:30 11 May 2006

thanks all, somewhere i have the email telling me that my line will support i went for it, as dell-boy would say, "what a plonker"

  CurlyWhirly 18:49 11 May 2006

"There's been a lot of problems about broadband speed and about how the speeds are advertised."

Also even if it were possible to get an 8 Mb connection it isn't really 8 Mb but one MB as there are 8 bits in a byte.

  BurrWalnut 18:53 11 May 2006

8Mb is 8 megabits, 8MB is 8 megabytes.

Broadband speeds are normally quoted as Mb.

  Stuartli 20:00 11 May 2006
  Stuartli 20:02 11 May 2006

All ISPs and BT state "Up to...." speeds.

It's done, quite understandably, to cover themselves against perceived or otherwise misrepresentation.

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