anyone come accross this before?

  edennorman 09:26 14 Jan 2004


I'me running win2000 and this problem has just started. When I click any icon on the desktop, instead of opening it, I get the properties tab come up for whatever icon it is I select, after which the icon remains highlighted and I have to click it again to de-highlight it. Has win2000 become corrupted?

Grateful thanks.


  old-timer 09:30 14 Jan 2004

I sometimes have this problem in ME. I do not know what causes it, but it seems to correct itself some time later, without shutting down Windows. I assume it is something running in the background which corrupts memory?. As I say the problem corrects itself

  MAJ 09:36 14 Jan 2004

Or check in Control Panel > Mouse that your mouse's buttons haven't been switched around.

  edennorman 09:46 14 Jan 2004


Sorry to appear dense but I dont understand what you mean? Go to control panel is no problem..but what do you mean when you say "Mouse that your mouse buttons havent been switched around"??

  Chegs ® 09:54 14 Jan 2004

I get it too,every now and then.(OS=XP)I have to restart pc as nothing is listed in taskmanager as running,and nothing new appears in services.It has occured more frequently since my latest d/l of critical updates/tv card installed,usually after pc has been running three days plus(so could be memory related to)

  Chegs ® 09:55 14 Jan 2004

"Mouse=Check that your mouse buttons havent been switched around"??

  MAJ 09:58 14 Jan 2004

Sorry edennorman, I should have explained better. Open Control Panel and double-click the Mouse icon to open it, in XP (which I'm using, I'm not sure if it's the same with Win 2000) there is an option to reverse the operation of the left and right buttons on your mouse. Has that option been ticked on your computer?

  edennorman 11:08 15 Jan 2004

Hi everyone
Thanks for all your tips, Old Timer was right....the problem just went away..bit of a puzzle though.

Thanks again.


  Pumas 11:35 15 Jan 2004

I find if this happens if you double click the right mouse button the problem is solved.

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