Anyone any experience of home computer texting?

  manrow 10:40 08 Jun 2012

Where I live, only O2 offers a nearly workable voice and text reception system.

Is it possible to set up my home computer to send/receive at least texts through a broadband connection?

  lotvic 11:26 08 Jun 2012

Yes you can, I looked into this a while back, Firstly to learn more about it - do a google for:

send receive texts online

  Nontek 11:27 08 Jun 2012

Free text via PC

I have no experience of this, and you would probably find more similar via Google.

  manrow 11:34 10 Jun 2012

Thank you, I have tried the google route but in view of the worldwide audience I prefer to ask on this website for the sort of advice I can trust.

  lotvic 13:00 10 Jun 2012

In that case it would be better to post the details of your pc system OS and say who your ISP is and how your broadband connects to the internet (cable, adsl, dongle wifi, etc.) and which program/client you are interested in using. From your first post it sounded as if you had no background knowledge of pc sms.

  robin_x 13:21 10 Jun 2012

I have used CardBoardFish on rare occasions before. May be similar to Nontek's link above.

Read the FAQs etc. I haven't used it sufficiently to be knowledgeable

Not difficult but it's not perfect (not clear who the sender is unless you sign it manually eg love manrow). Best to practice on an O2/Tesco SIM with old unlocked or new £10 handset.

  manrow 10:07 11 Jun 2012

lotvic, if it helps my OS is Vista, my ISP is Sky.

On another tech website I was told to connect to the wifi broadband router, (which I have wirelessly)and then the respondent said he was able to send texts from his mobile iphone in his home area where reception otherwise was almost non-existent?

As things are I can receive emails promptly on my mobile (Samsung Galaxy), but there is only 1 room in the house where I can send/receive texts.

Is there an answer?

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