anyone actually got a purchased Windows Vista?

  GEEKSTA 22:38 04 Nov 2006

has anyone actually got a purchased Windows Vista? Im just wondering how many people have got it at this time?

  lisa02 22:41 04 Nov 2006

Not out yet.

  anskyber 22:41 04 Nov 2006

Not for sale until January and to corporate customers at the end of November, so no.

  GEEKSTA 22:43 04 Nov 2006

oh sorry what a stupid question to ask! I didnt know, ive seen adverts saying things like upgrade to vista premium and so on, so....

  anskyber 22:44 04 Nov 2006

Probably the end of January, you can log in with Amazon and they will e-mail you when they have it.

  GEEKSTA 22:47 04 Nov 2006

ok so is anyone planning to upgrade or just sticking to what they've got?

  josie mayhem 23:06 04 Nov 2006

vista users at the moment are testers...

But it can be pre-oredered from many companies, it is due to be released to manufacturers any day now, so it won't be long before it is loded onto new computers, companies such has mash are already selling computers with the option of a up-grade when vista comes out... Look right to the adverts...

It is due to be on sell to all sometime in January 2007.

I've been testing Vista now for a while and yes when it's available I'm first in the que....

I've not only learn't a lot with testing it, I've become very smitten with it. It is almost like sliced bread!

  Ashrich 23:10 04 Nov 2006

I think a lot of people will get a shock when upgrading to Vista , the higher end versions are very demanding on hardware specifications , a high end processor ( Dual core ) is recommended as is plenty of memory ( really at least 1gb ) and a minimum of 256mb graphics card running DirectX 9.0 to use Vista Ultimate with Aero Glass , and a decent hard disk as well , I reckon more than half the PC's that want to be upgraded will require a fair bit of new hardware installed before they will get the benefit . I am running Vista Ultimate RC1 5600 on an Athlon64 4200 x2 with 2 x 512mb Corsair DDR667 memory and an ATI X1300 256mb graphics card and it is slower than XP using the same spec.


  namtas 23:30 04 Nov 2006

Why should I change, this does everything I want and runs all and more than I will ever need. I am afraid I still have to be convinced of the real necessity for a replacement operating system at this time.

  anskyber 23:35 04 Nov 2006

I shall because it looks very interesting.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:22 05 Nov 2006

I won't I will wait for quite awhile a couple of years) untill all the bugs are ironed out.

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