anyone able to email m/board manuel please

  sunny staines 11:33 22 Apr 2006

Anyone with a Matsonic MS8308ep [266] motherboard manual able to email me a copy please.

[used in tiny computers] tried the net for couple of hours and got nowhere.


  [DELETED] 11:45 22 Apr 2006
  [DELETED] 11:48 22 Apr 2006

and FAQ's click here

  [DELETED] 11:52 22 Apr 2006

Try click here the 8308 is listed but you will needd Adobe to read it

  sunny staines 11:52 22 Apr 2006


Thank you for the link. Well impressed how quick you came up the answer.

[Are you able to help on my thread re drivers for this board as I am a bit confused on it.]

  sunny staines 11:53 22 Apr 2006


thanks for helping just got the link from remind

  sunny staines 12:04 22 Apr 2006


on your 2nd link the Q&A the answers boxes did not open, any suggestions.

  [DELETED] 14:16 22 Apr 2006

I cheated really, I needed the very same thing a few months back and still had the filename - Matsonic seem to have removed all the motherboard support pages from their site since then. I can't help you with the FAQ answers, the only thing missing which is not in the manual as far as I could see is the Audio out for the front panel and all links to the same document come up with blank images too.
Drivers will be for the SiS730 chipset click here
Sis 630/730 graphics click here
Sis 7018 Audio Accelerator click here

  sunny staines 16:57 22 Apr 2006


Thanks for the reply.

Are these drivers for the ms8308ep [266] motherboard. Ithought it was a sis740 chipset I might be wrong how do I tell the difference?

  [DELETED] 18:20 22 Apr 2006

You may be right, that manual is for the non-266 variety. It may be marked on the chips on the board itself, or get it up and running and let Everest tell you; click here

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