Anybody using NTL Netguard Anti-Virus ?

  freaky 20:26 04 Jan 2006

I have already done a post on this in Consumers Corner - not many replies yet.

Netguard is an Anti-Virus program provided free to NTL users. Would be interested to hear if anybody is using it.

  mobileman1953 21:25 04 Jan 2006

yes i am been using it for 3 weeks now updates automatically every 3 hours had no problems at all

  freaky 11:26 05 Jan 2006

Thanks for the reply, as a matter of interest what AV program were you using before Netguard ?

  mobileman1953 11:58 05 Jan 2006

i was using nortons internet security 2006 but it was a real pain slowing machine down and coming up with errors all the time, tried uninstalling and reinstalling but still did not work , but had no trouble since installing netguard and using windows own firewall

  freaky 15:36 05 Jan 2006

That's just the information I was hoping to hear !

I have two PC's networked togther, both have Norton Internet Security 2004 installed. On this PC the subscription expires June 2006. But on the other PC it expired 29th December - I don't want to spend £35 just to renew !

Did you find using Add/Remove programs uninstalled Norton OK, or did you have to download and run SymNRT from Symantec to get rid of it all ?


  mobileman1953 18:25 05 Jan 2006

had to download symnrt then still had to remove some entries from registry manually

  freaky 18:45 05 Jan 2006

OK - many thanks. I will make a start on doing it shortly.

  freaky 19:24 05 Jan 2006

Norton Internet Security uninstalled OK. And Netguard installed + I activated the XP Firewall.

The following Symantec programs are still showing in Add/Remove Programs: -

a) Norton WMI Update
b) Live Reg
c) Live Update

Do you think it might be best to uninstall these as well ?

Many thanks,


  freaky 22:05 05 Jan 2006

Following on to my last post - I have uninstalled Norton WMI Update with no problems.

Cannot uninstall Live Reg and Live update - this is because I also use Norton Clean Sweep. Would have to also remove Clean Sweep to do this !

Clean Sweep is excellent program for removing the general clutter that accumulates as a result of Internet activity i.e. cookies, cache and Active X controls.

As a result I will leave things as they are - at least I am not being interrupted by requests from them to renew my subscription !!

  Strawballs 01:03 06 Jan 2006

I tried it on my laptop when it first came out but I could not get on with it so I went back to AVG

  freaky 10:13 06 Jan 2006

You never really know how good an AV program is until you get infected - that is the real test.

Prior to installing Netguard I had Norton, since NTL commenced checking all emails (about 6 months ago) it had detected nothing. Before that Norton was detecting about 10 per week !

The only warnings I do get occasionally from Norton is a Trojan trying to get access.

As Netguard does not include a Firewall, I will have to rely on the one included with XP - or download Zone Alarm. I had that before but it caused lot's of problems, so I will wait until the Netguard one is available.

I just did a virus scan using Netguard, and the report was far more detailed than with Norton !

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