Anybody used any of these apps?

  ArrGee 16:33 16 Jun 2007

click here

If you have, what are the pros and cons of the ones that you have tried out?

  Gongoozler 16:36 16 Jun 2007

ArrGee, there are so many! Are there any that you are particularly interested in?

  ArrGee 16:41 16 Jun 2007

Not really interested in anything in particular, just an excercise in building up a database of apps that have been tried and tested.

After that, perhaps we could give recommendations for solutions on the forum. Just an idea.

  Jackcoms 16:48 16 Jun 2007

I agree with Gongoozler - your list is ridiculously long - and by your own admission you are "not really interested in anything in particular".

It might be better if you availed yourself of the Forum's Search facility.

There are several "apps" in your list which are used and regularly recommended by PCA members (including me) and I'm sure you'll find a thread or threads about them if you search.

  ArrGee 17:02 16 Jun 2007

Been here a while myself, and the purpose of this thread is mainly to see what user experience there has been of any of these applications.

There have been many times that certain apps have been recommended over others (taking into consideration the free availability of the app and then support).

However, the user experience differs. No list is 'ridulously long' as this is very much dependent upon what is required by an individual user.

The initial post can be broken down to:

"Have you tried it? What do you think?"

  Jackcoms 17:05 16 Jun 2007

"Been here a while myself"

Agreed. So haven't you seen/read recommendations from members?

  Jackcoms 17:08 16 Jun 2007

Just to add to my last post - a lot of the "apps" I now successfully use such as Avast, Mailwasher, SpywareBlaster to name just three, are because I've read good reports from other members in these Forums

  ArrGee 17:16 16 Jun 2007

Jackcoms, I think you have missed the point.

Anyway. If anybody has used any of the apps listed, any feedback would be quite useful, especially for new forum members.

  Jackcoms 17:29 16 Jun 2007

No, you've missed the point.

If, as you claim, you've "been here a while" you must have seen members talking about various programs and their good and bad experiences of those programs.

I have and, as I said, a lot of those programs are in your list. This is particularly true in Consumerwatch.

Also in Absolute Beginners and the Helproom members regularly ask "how to I configure xxxxxxx application to run (or whatever)?".

Surely, during your time in the Forums you've also read these sort of threads and thought "that sounds like a good application, I'll try it", haven't you?

As I said, a great deal of my knowledge and a lot of the applications I now use, have come from reading (and taking note) of the many threads in these Forums since I became a member in August 2002.

Isn't your experience the same?

  ArrGee 17:38 16 Jun 2007

Jackcoms, get off your high horse.

FE, Could you please delete this thread as I believe there is somebody getting hot and bothered over this just for the hell of it, as well as attempting to justify an extremely lame point (with bad grammar to boot).

  Gongoozler 17:41 16 Jun 2007

I've used K9 (child protection not antispam), AdAware, Hijackthis, Avast, AVG, 7-Zip, Irfanview, Picasa, Thunderbird, PopUp Stopper, DivX codec and FireFox. I've found them all to be excellent, except I couldn't really see the point of Picasa, although others rate it highly. Popup Stopper also is really redundant now that I'm using Firefox.

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