Anybody recommend a good printer?

  HighTower 12:37 28 Jan 2003

Hi all,

Anybody recommend a good mono laser printer for around 100 pages of print a day. The paper to be used is a bit of a bitch (Pale Cream Reives Tradition) so paper transport is probably one of the most important issues. Currently other printers have suffered paper jams frequently.

Thanks everyone

  Sir Radfordin™ 12:45 28 Jan 2003

Could you let us know the problems that you have had problems with so we know where we are starting from?

HP printers are normally good.

  HighTower 13:07 28 Jan 2003

Other printers have included Epson and Brother. It's not actually my printer, it's a clients. I suspect that the reason it's failing is because they are quite cheap ones, but the proprietor is reluctant to change to something more expensive unless he is sure that the problem will be resolved.

  HighTower 13:08 28 Jan 2003

The problem is paper jamming.

  Tenner 16:36 28 Jan 2003

This may sound very basic, but from my limited experience, paper jamming is caused, usually , by one of two things ; i) quality of paper and how it is stored and ii) how old the existing printer is and when were the rubber rollers last cleaned ?

Answer i) keep in a dry place and when you take out, say 100 pages, fan them like a pack of playing cards and gently tap the pack back 'square' - difficult to describe , but try to separate all the sheets.

ii) open the machine and gently wipe the rollers that drag paper through, with a preparatory cleaning tissue, and any other surfaces collecting fluff

Allow the cleaning spirit to dry before running a tesr page.

A new machine ? checl flecc's accpount of last week re dabs Samsung offer.

Hope this helps - I realise that all the above may be obvious to some.


  HighTower 16:40 28 Jan 2003

Thanks Tenner,

Have to dash now, but will check these things out.

  Sir Radfordin™ 16:50 28 Jan 2003

HP printers often need something call a matinence kit which cleans the insides, and you get new rolers and the like to replace the worn out ones.

It would help if you knew where the paper was jamming.

HP printers may well ofer what you are looking for.

  Tenner 16:55 28 Jan 2003

try flecc's click here


  HighTower 09:27 29 Jan 2003

I suppose that in the end you get what you pay for! I'll probably suggest HP to the guy. I actually use the first model of the HP4L in the office. It's years old but still just chugs along (chug is the word - but if it works, don't knock it).

Thanks all.

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