Anybody know what this file is?

  fudge 21:06 26 Jan 2004

The following file is in the C:\windows\temp folder - ''.

I would like to remove it but it contains information about virtually all programmes I have installed, so I don't know if it's safe to do so.

However, a strange thing happens if I open the properties. The size does not remain static but grows and grows to the point where it's saying its thousands of gigabytes, and if I let it, it would probably carry on indefinitely. The same thing happens if I use 'file search' - it just keeps on getting bigger.

Anybody know what's happening here and is it safe to delete?

  Valvegrid 21:15 26 Jan 2004

Bit sus! Have you run spybot or adaware.

click here

click here

  DieSse 21:18 26 Jan 2004

Since it's a zip file, deleting it can have no untoward consequences.

Do you have any automatic back-up or system restore software on your system (other than the standard Win stuff)?

  fudge 21:45 26 Jan 2004

DieSse, I don't have any auto backup or restore software - why do you ask? I am tempted to just delete it 'cos as you say it's only a zip file. It was created in November and I have been having unexplained problems since about then so it's a suspicious file. As it contains so much data though I'm a bit reluctant.

Valvegrid, I haven't got spybot but might give it a try as its free. Haven't got time now so will report back later.

  DieSse 23:00 26 Jan 2004

"DieSse, I don't have any auto backup or restore software - why do you ask2

I thought there may be a possibility that it's the output from such software.

You can safely delete it - the suggestion of checking for spyware - and viruses, is important.

  fudge 15:47 27 Jan 2004

I've now found the same file on my laptop.

However, this one contains completely different files and doesn't behave so oddly. In fact it is only 64kb in size. What I have found is that it is an Ebay Picture Services control file. Why the one on my PC contains almost a mirror image of the hard drive is mysterious, and why should it behave in this odd way?

Still, at least I know where it came from and I will now delete it.

Thanks to those who offered help.

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