Anybody Know Of a Large Screen Printer?

  morddwyd 12:05 07 May 2018

An unusual request I know but I've got to the stage whereI can'tsee rhe strings screen any more!

I wonder if there's one that will send its settings screen to the PC?

  martd7 00:07 08 May 2018

Your post has me in stitches,my trade is "Screen Printing" but I certainly aren't "large" and don't fit your requirements :-)

  bumpkin 09:39 08 May 2018

I don,t know what printer you have. On my Canon I can see the settings screen on my pc. Thouht you could do this with most printers, have a look at the manual.

  morddwyd 20:08 08 May 2018

Sorry I should have made myself more clear. print settings are, of course, available, but it's an MFD, a Canom Pixma, and it's scan and copy settings that I need

  bumpkin 21:42 08 May 2018

I see what you mean now, I can't do that with mine either. Don't know if there is one so sorry not much help.

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