Anybody heard of Optimize XP?

  Fateful Shadow 19:25 11 Jul 2003

I'm just downloading some free utilites for my laptop at the moment (Kerio Firewall being one of them) and I was wondering if anybody has heard of or uses Optimize XP?

I would like to download it, and it is recommended by, but I wantedd to know whether anyone in this forum uses it and how good/bad it is?


  Fateful Shadow 17:48 12 Jul 2003

No-one has heard of Optimize XP then? If not, can anyone tell me a good optimizer for XP?


  -pops- 17:56 12 Jul 2003

I've just clicked on a page and this thing came up.

Save your money. These wonder programs seldom to anything positive, except for the vendor (he makes money out of it).

What are you wanting an optimizer to do? Do you think your XP setup needs optimizing? In what way?

Often a question to here can come up with plenty of answers for free if there really is anything wrong.

Note: even if the Optimizer thingy appears to be free, that is unlikely to be the case. The initial whatever it does may be free but to do any "optimizing" will almost certainly not be. And will you want what it has done anyway?


N.B. I'm on a different machine to my usual one today. My usual one is set up so as not to receive pop up advertisements. You might like to consider setting yours the same way so you don't receive this nuisance adverts.

  VoG II 18:00 12 Jul 2003

Bootvis is good - it speeds up start up click here

Here's how to use it click here

  VoG II 18:01 12 Jul 2003

Apart from that, I agree with -pops-

  Fateful Shadow 18:04 12 Jul 2003

The main reason is because things take sooo long to load on my computer. I don't mean programs that require a lot of graphics power for example, but simple things like opening the start menu (by the way, i've been into the registry and adjusted the menu time).

Also, I have about 18 processes ruinning at startup, but when I go to services in the administration tools, and even msconfig, I can see that I've taken off as much as I can for the system to run stabily (if thats a word :S)

Any help?!

  Fateful Shadow 18:05 12 Jul 2003

I've also used Bootvis lol

It actually increased startup time, rather than slowing it down!

  -pops- 18:06 12 Jul 2003

From the quick look I had at the Optimize XP thing before i despatched it to the bin, I don't think Bootvis was part of it.

I agree, Bootvis is useful and it's also free but it pales against the wonder claims made for Optimize XP!;-))


  Fateful Shadow 18:06 12 Jul 2003

What i meant to say was it now takes longer for the system to start up. Bootvis changed the time from 61 seconds to 73 seconds!

And also, that Optimize XP is a free download from

  -pops- 18:11 12 Jul 2003

What I do on booting up (always early in the morning) is switch on and then do my ablutions (clean teeth, wash etc.) come back and log on. then I go and make a cup of tea. By the time I get back, everything is souped up and ready to go. That way I don't get irritated by the time XP loading takes and I know that by doing the loading up at its own pace, everything should be operating correctly.


  powerless 18:22 12 Jul 2003

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