Anybody having hotmail probs?

  Midsman2005 15:37 27 Sep 2005

Hello all,

Just wondered if anybody was having problems with hotmail.

I dont appear to be able to load the login homepage.

Just comes up page not found.

Anyone else experiencing any problems with hotmail?

Thank you.


  Yoda Knight 15:44 27 Sep 2005

Houston, they HAVE a problem....

  Smiling2000 15:46 27 Sep 2005

Hotmail is really beginning to aggravate me!

My password was mysteriously changed on Sunday night and now it appears the server has totally gone down.

I wonder what other mysterious things will happen to the hotmail server over the next few days....ooooh cant wait!

  MAJ 15:48 27 Sep 2005

Change to Gmail, it's much better. :-)

  BH34 15:49 27 Sep 2005

No problems here just been on

  wee eddie 15:56 27 Sep 2005

16.00 hours on Thursday 27th.

There were Log-in problems this morning but nothing serious. Now the Log-in page won't load at all.

  Diodorus Siculus 15:58 27 Sep 2005

Hotmail ok here:
click here

  anchor 16:00 27 Sep 2005

No problems here in Harrow. All as normal.

  anchor 16:05 27 Sep 2005

I logged in using my MSN Messenger, and all was well. However, just tried to log in via the link given by Diodorus Siculus and the page could not be found.

  pj123 16:25 27 Sep 2005

Not anymore. There was a Hotmail outtage for 24 hours but it all seems to be back to normal now.

  yonex24562 16:34 27 Sep 2005

Still not working for me, outlook express is connecting ok but trying to go through webmail to empty my inbox just times out.

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