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Anybody got any experience of CODA?

  qwbos 20:58 04 Jan 2020

I'm wondering if anybody's got any experience of this ?

I'm not a great fan of laptops, but I'm tempted to get one of these as an emergency spare in case I have problems with my desktop.

Most of these 32GB eMMc things are painfully slow and have severely limited capacity, but this can take an SSD up to 1TB, making it feasible to have a dead slow but useable machine for very little money - around £125 with a 240GB SSD.


  x13 16:18 05 Jan 2020

Some have had problems with the M2 drive installing Win 10 on it and then to format the eMMc on similar setups. If you can overcome this possible issue then it's a good deal for a backup IMHO. An old post but just highlights some possible issues with eMMc type laptops. link .

  wee eddie 16:55 05 Jan 2020

Bump the RAM to a minimum of 8GB and the SSD to anything over 32GB, which appears to be insufficient to take Windows 10 Updates, and you should have a slow, but serviceable, laptop.

I would see a lifetime of heartache with the advertised Specifications.

  garcia_john11 10:03 06 Jan 2020

documentation very useful for my job. Such a great help for those of us who struggle.Thank you.

  qwbos 01:53 14 Jan 2020

Well I bit the bullet and parted with the grand total of £113.97 for the laptop and a WD 240GB SSD. It won't break any speed records but it gets there, and the IPS screen is excellent.

x13 - Yes. I'd seen the problems associated with many 32GB eMMc machines, but didn't encounter any. Updates from the early part of 2019, including W10 version 1909 took around an hour, and after deleting windows.old, I still have a considerable amount of space on that drive if I want to use it. I installed W10 on the 240GB SSD along with MS Office, and that'll be the working drive.

wee eddie - I'm pretty sure the memory is soldered, but I'll be checking that with the manufacturer.

As I said in my original post, this is primarily for emergencies, so I think on it as a bit like a space saver spare wheel - not built for speed, but it'll get me where I need to go.

  x13 08:32 14 Jan 2020

Excellent! Thanks for the feedback qwbos .

  qwbos 23:40 14 Jan 2020


Thinking more about the problems with updating 32Gb eMMc machines, I suspect it may be because many of these units will come packed with bloatware - mine had nothing apart from W10.

Updating tonight was taking an age compared to the initial installation and updates. Then the penny dropped. I'd installed Malwarebytes and accepted the free trial of the full version. Huge memory hog, so slowed the 240GB SSD down to snail's pace. Updating the 32GB eMMc was like lightning in comparison, so Malwarebytes will be getting kicked off.

wee eddie

Got confirmation today that the RAM is soldered in, as expected, and that opening the case invalidates the warranty. Not a problem as it toddles along just fine with its 4GB.

  x13 08:37 15 Jan 2020

qwbos I'd noticed that Malwarebytes pro coupled with Defender uses a lot of ram and CPU initially. For that reason I'm testing out Kaspersky Security Cloud free on two of my older laptops that have low end processors. As it disables most of Defender - it uses much less of CPU and ram though the initial full scan can take time. Have had no issues upgrading Win 10 on the fast ring with it either. It's looking as it will be my permanent AV/anti-malware on these machines.

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