Anybody else have a Toshiba Laptop where the screen has cracked for no reason?

  [email protected] 09:39 30 Jul 2011

My Mum bought a Toshiba Satellite Pro from Ideal World. I set it up for her but she didn't use it as my dad was in hospital. When he came out I turned it on to show my dad and the screen was cracked. We contacted Toshiba who just say, "We accept that your mother did nothing but the screen isn't covered by the warranty". We then contacted Ideal World, who took it back and then returned it saying, "No inherent fault". My mum is 79 years old and honest. She could have returned the laptop to Ideal World as they have a 30 day money back guarantee- she could have claimed that any damage occurred in the return transit. She didn't because a) she's honest and B) she knew that she had done nothing to the laptop so believed in the integrity of the companies she was dealing with! Now she is left with a useless laptop, which she will need to spend money on to use. Before we work out what our next move is I wondered if anybody else had a similar problem at all? Thanks!

  mooly 13:24 30 Jul 2011

This is an impossible one to advise on really... you probably know that.

Normally screens crack for a reason... tight hinges and being twisted when opened etc, or pressure or weight on the lid (screen) having been applied at some point... which you say hasn't happened. Or the lid closed on some object left on the keypad etc.

I can only think of two courses of action...

If you are certain nothing has happened to the laptop then be prepared to seek an independent inspection with a company that would put in writing their findings... which you will have to pay for. That may reveal if there was some problem such as an incorrectly fitted screen (under mechanical stress etc). And before you do that notify the company whom your contract of sale is with... that's Ideal World, not Toshiba, telling them what you are doing and that based on the results of the inspection you are prepared to take proceedings against them. If you are 100% certain that the screen failed due to a manufacturing defect you have to tough it out... and prove it.

And secondly, before you do anything perhaps seek professional advise from somewhere first. Although you have rights you may be asked to prove the fault was present from new... which it wasn't.

Ultimately it's very unusual for a screen to just crack... that's not to say it can't happen... but I guess it would be the one in a million that had. Which it might have done :)

Good luck and let us know how you get on.

Also look at, link text

1: http://Toshiba cracked screen

  mooly 13:27 30 Jul 2011

I have no idea why my links do that ????????????????

One for the Forum Editor... when I click my link in the above post it took me to a google images site of Warwickshire logo badges.

Explain please

  mooly 13:29 30 Jul 2011
  [email protected] 14:09 30 Jul 2011

thanks the link goes to exactly the same story as ours. Toshiba told me to send photos in as it would be an inherent fault if no damage to case(after saying "No", to Mum) and then when I sent them in just said, "tough luck!". There is no locking mechanism on the laptop so no reason to use pressure, and nothing was left in it, nothing has been twisted either!

  robin_x 14:16 30 Jul 2011

Someone recently posted about a cracked Acer.

Originally posted 2 yrs ago, someone with a fault brought it back to life.

The story and advice shpuld apply to you as well. You'll have to Google for similar re Toshiba not Acer's of course.

Google 'spontaneous cracking' for general interest and info. Google 'spontaneous lcd crack toshiba' for example specifics.

Good Luck.

  robin_x 14:18 30 Jul 2011

Oh and 'not fit for purpose' can give you up to 6 yrs to make a claim under SoG.

  wee eddie 14:40 30 Jul 2011

The sad thing is that there are so many things that one can do, that will crack the screen of a Laptop, that the Manufacturers have become very wary of paying out on such claims.

That neither they, nor you, intended that the screen crack is obvious, however proving that they are the responsible party is remarkably difficult.

Good luck.

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