Any work-around for scanning a document direct to Gmail?

  Pineman100 16:47 29 Jun 2014

A friend has bought himself a Brother MFC-J4410DW multi-function Wi-Fi printer. He wanted it for a number of reasons, one of which was to scan documents direct to email (he's elderly and not very computer literate, and scanning to a file and then attaching the file is a bit challenging for him).

The salesman assured him that scanning direct to email was possible with this printer. Unfortunately he has now discovered that it only allows scanning direct to an installed email client - not to webmail - and he uses Gmail.

Does anyone have a work-around that would enable him to scan direct to a Gmail attachment, without requiring a degree in advanced computing?

All thoughts and ideas gratefully received.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:08 29 Jun 2014

without requiring a degree in advanced computing?

Here's the Google help for this but It made my head hurt.

someone needs to set it up for him.

  Woolwell 17:34 29 Jun 2014

I suspect that anything which will allow to scan direct to webmail is going to be more complicated than scanning to pc and attaching the the file. I'm not even sure that it is possible to scan to webmail. Of course you don't have to use webmail for gmail.

  AroundAgain 17:40 29 Jun 2014

If someone could set him up with Windows Live Mail, or equivalent, creating a gmail account, he could have WLM on StartUp and it would be even more simple for him to use, surely.

It's easy enough setting up a gmail account.

Then he can scan straight to an email Good luck

  Woolwell 17:52 29 Jun 2014

It would appear that you could set up the printer to send an email but the process is for the experienced computer person. Recommend AroundAgain's solution or to teach how to upload an attachment.

  SparkyJack 07:48 30 Jun 2014

Scanning anything produces an 'IMG' file,this will save to 'my pictures' by default or a dedicated folder made for purpose ( I have a 'pix for mail' folder on desktop for example) Then go to webmail account, compose a new mail as per normal and add the scan/s as attachments or 'insert' as desired .

  SparkyJack 09:55 30 Jun 2014

As with mecckb2 and me

Treat each 'operation as a separate procedure.

  1. Scan and save

2 go to email and compose.

Insert or attach doc's

Keep it simple don't use 'add on' software included with devices,they are often not as good as made out.

  Woolwell 10:30 30 Jun 2014

SparkyJack - Some scanners allow to scan to pdf as well as img files which are usually jpg.

  SparkyJack 13:35 30 Jun 2014

Wool well

I. Am aware off your PDF comment.

But when responding to requests I try o judge the experience level of the seker of advice and offer the simplest solution to the vproblem.

I well remember my tyro days when helpers bombarded mecw ith this and that.

Information overload is best avoided.

  Woolwell 13:49 30 Jun 2014

SparkyJack but Pineman 100 has been around for some time and is asking on behalf of someone else.

  Pineman100 14:21 30 Jun 2014

Many thanks for those comments, everyone.

If the solution makes Fruit Bat/\0/\'s head hurt and Woolwell finds it complex, then it's way above my pay-grade!

It sounds as though the least-worst solution to this is for me to type out step-by-step notes for my friend, to try and teach him to scan, save and attach. The scanner will produce .jpg or .pdf files, so that's not an issue.

I'm annoyed with Brother, though. My friend specifically called them to ask whether the machine would scan direct to email, and they simply assured him that it would. No mention was made of " long as you use an email client program."

Thanks again, one and all.

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