Any Windows to Linux experts in here?

  bythor 11:45 17 Dec 2003

Hi. I need to find info on converting files from Windows to Linux. Without being too specific just yet, the files are specialist type. I need to be able to take them as windows type and convert to use in a linux based (again specialist) software. Someone did mention converting them to ascii if possible but still out of my depth. Any suggestions?

  Diodorus Siculus 12:12 17 Dec 2003

Standard text and graphics files should not need any conversion; if they are from a particular program, then there may be an equivalent program for Linux which can read them.

  bythor 12:54 17 Dec 2003

thanks didorous and chegs. What's 'linux wine'? This is my situation - I'm a fisherman and have a pc plotter program on Windows. This runs my area charts and I can make marks and lines where I've already been.
I want to buy a different one, but it runs in Linux and I don't want to have to ditch all my files, I'm hoping to somehow convert them. I don't think it's been done b4.

  bythor 12:56 17 Dec 2003

sorry taran. I realise I was too vague. Hopefully my prev response helps. I think 'proprietary' format is the key word here.

  bythor 14:34 17 Dec 2003

thanks. it's a plotter made by a company called maxsea (I think it's french). The file extensions are *.ptf
There's no option to save as other or export.

  bythor 20:37 17 Dec 2003

thanks again Taran. I believe the files are usable data, but if I could only treat the data as one 'snapshot' file I might be able to go that route. If so, would the links you've given cover displaying the files in linux? I'll look further at the sites.
Do you have any suggestions about the usable data option?

  bythor 21:47 17 Dec 2003

well thanks anyway for all your time and info. The linux software is even better, taran. See it at click here

maybe i need to get out too!!!...

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