any way of stopping spam?

  numcy 15:03 17 Oct 2003

After 4 years of PC ownership the spammers have finally got me! I dont mind so much but I do object to some of the adult content especially as my kids sometimes get to the thing before I do. Is their a programme on the net or available to buy which would delete the content of these emails before they appear on the screen. I would like one which is compatible with Norton.Norton currently detects spam but doesnt delete it.
Many thanks

  smegs 15:24 17 Oct 2003

U will need to download mail washer or another program alike. I use mail washer, U can preview the emails before U Outlook downloads them. U then have a choice to Blacklist or accecpt them. click here

  john-232317 17:06 17 Oct 2003

It is still a pain to have to check through it in mailwasher,i got close to 100 a day on my virgin addy, but hardly any on my new ones, if it is possible change your email address.

  spuds 12:11 18 Oct 2003

At present there is no way of stopping spam 100%.There is an increasing number of anti spam programmes on the market, both free and payable. But to choice a product that will cover all needs, would be very difficult.Spammers have got their distribution methods,highly tuned, and to find the original sending location, could prove very difficult.

I have suggested,many times,within this forum. That contacting your ISP may help, as some of the ISP's now, are offering, at an additional fee, some form of pre-selection and deletion of spam content.Other methods, would be, to download some freebie or trial programmes like MailWasher,SpamWeasel etc, and test run these yourself. For a selection, try a Google search.

  numcy 16:55 18 Oct 2003

many thanks to you all for your help

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