Any way to stop vista defragmenting?

  AL47 20:26 27 Aug 2008

cause its driving my laptop hard drive crazy!

  sinbads 20:45 27 Aug 2008

start type disk defragmenter and select from above untick the box run on a schedule(recomended)

  sinbads 20:50 27 Aug 2008

use this instead vista compatible and quick click here

  skidzy 22:25 27 Aug 2008

Are you positive its Vista defragging because i think you maybe experiencing Vista's Superfetch at work.

This can be disabled via services.

Start and type SERVICES and enter (agree to UAC) scroll down to Superfetch and disable the function.
This will stop the constant thrashing of the hdd.

  AL47 22:42 27 Aug 2008

thanks, yeah defrag was off, but thanks for where it was,

seems like that superfetch might be the culprit! i wish these things werent on as default!

  sinbads 23:43 27 Aug 2008

Vista superfetch does initially when you first get your computer appear to be quite active ;but does settle down so that you hardly notice it.It like the prefetch in xp except its a little more sophisticated, it learns the programs you use and loads them faster, it can be turned off as skidzy says.

Though I don't recommend turning it off, as once you start using programs, the RAM usage goes up and stays up like it would with Superfetch ON. But its your choice

  skidzy 15:46 28 Aug 2008

sinbads is spot on Al,i should have explained better.


Windows SuperFetch enables programs and files to load much faster than they would on Windows XP–based PCs.

When you’re not actively using your computer, background tasks—including automatic backup programs and antivirus scans—run when they will least disturb you. These background tasks can take up system memory space that your programs had been using. On Windows XP–based PCs, this can slow progress to a crawl when you attempt to resume work.

SuperFetch monitors which applications you use the most and preloads these into your system memory so they’ll be ready when you need them. Windows Vista also runs background programs, like disk defragmenting and Windows Defender, at low priority so that they can do their job but your work always comes first.

Better explaination click here

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