Any way to send email from non-BT address via a BT acoount?

  polymath 21:29 26 Aug 2011

When in the UK, I stay with friends & relations, most of whom have BT as an ISP. The one thing (as far as I know) that I can't do on their broadband with my laptop is send emails in the usual way, and I gather it's because I don't have a BT address. I can send them via webmail (mail2web to be exact), so it's no big deal in the general scheme of things, but it's fiddly. I can't reply directly to downloaded messages, have to type/paste in the recipient's address, etc, which feels disproportionately annoying. Does anyone know a neater workaround?

In case it makes any difference it's a Packard Bell Easynote BU45, Vista home Premium SP2, Thunderbird (up-to-date most of the time); no difference with Windows Mail. And mobile broadband wouldn't be worth the expense (especially with no 3G coverage at home).

  Nontek 21:53 26 Aug 2011

Try with a free Hotmail address.

  rdave13 21:56 26 Aug 2011

Not sure I understand your problems. As for web mail try Gmail.

Gmail, pros and cons.

  polymath 22:36 26 Aug 2011

Thank you for your suggestions, but I already have some webmail addresses (including Gmail) through registering for stuff. What I was wondering is whether there's any way to send emails via people's BT accounts without using webmail at all. I find it a bit of a nuisance, even though mail2web works with my regular email address, that my contacts know already. If there's no way to do it, so be it - just thought it was worth asking!

I'll have to go now, until the morning.

  Simsy 22:39 26 Aug 2011

It would probably work if you change the server settings in Thunderbird to match those of your UK host, (i.e. put in the BT internet outgoing mail server settings)

You'd only need to do it for sending, not receiving.

Of course, you'd have to change this back when you returned home!

With apologies if this doesn't help!



  rdave13 23:17 26 Aug 2011

What I was wondering is whether there's any way to send emails via people's BT accounts without using webmail at all

No. If you find a way then it will be a security breach. If you wish to use someone else's account to send emails then you must ask their permission to use their account, let them sign in, and leave you free to send emails, in their name, to other people.

I certainly wouldn't allow that.

As I said previously, I still don't understand what you are asking.

  Forum Editor 23:44 26 Aug 2011

I understand your question perfectly - you want to send mail via the BT mail servers using a friend's internet connection when you don't have a BT broadband account - no username and password.

You can do it, but you'll have to use your friend's login details. If the friend agrees, you can alter your Thunderbird mail server settings. Make sure you get the settings right - you must tell Thunderbird to authenticate you on the BT server. The server will see you as it sees your friend as far as outbound messages (SMTP) are concerned. The fact that you'll be sending with a different email address is of no consequence - the server won't worry about that.

As far as inbound (POP) mail is concerned, the BT server will allow Thunderbird to go and retrieve mail from your usual mail server, you don't have to alter any settings for that.

  rdave13 00:02 27 Aug 2011

Forum Editor,

You can do it, but you'll have to use your friend's login details. If the friend agrees, you can alter your Thunderbird mail server settings.

Who in their right minds would allow such a request? Close friends or not?

We know it is possible but would you allow it? Doubt it very much.

  rdave13 00:26 27 Aug 2011

P.S. polymath, I would think it very rude to even ask your best friend's login details. If nothing more then PCA's about secure surfing and helping people out of a pickle and not allowing breaches of security that can happen between friends.

I would ignore the editor's advice if you want to keep your friends. In my humble opinion.

  mimosa418 09:55 27 Aug 2011

Polymath To avoid any embarrassment with your friends through asking for their log in details I suggest you set up a Gmail account. This will let you get e-mail via the web but also you can use your POP3 mail through any ISP. There is no need to change your favourite e-mail address since Gmail will pick up and forward all your e-mail. Full set up instructions are available on the GMail web site, also here

  polymath 21:13 27 Aug 2011

Many thanks, everyone!

Re security, I'm as conscious of it as as anyone, but it's mainly my daughter's and uncle's connections I have in mind; both invited me to use their connections, told me the passwords etc (as I'd do for them). I certainly don't want to send emails in someone else's name (hence using my own email address(es).

Thanks for the info, FE and Simsy; I did change my SMPT address to BT's for sending via my daughter's (wireless) BT Home Hub/Infinity connection (where inbound mail was indeed no problem), but it was the only change I made, so next time I'll make sure the authentication's right (I got used to having it disabled for a difficult dialup connection, so you've reminded me to check it anyway!). My uncle & I couldn't get my laptop connected at all via his (wired) BT connection (and he's something of an expert), so that must be some other quirk of his setup (looking into it had to wait for another time).

Thanks for that, Mimosa418. I hadn't explored Gmail etc, and didn't realise it can be handed as POP3. (Broadband only became available recently - I couldn't connect the laptop at all before that - and I'm still exploring things most people have known for years!).

I thought my query was just a BT thing, but was probably reading old search results (and it's the only ISP I've tried it with). It's not just BT, as I learned from today's foray, including this page , which also answers the next question by explaining why (spammers). It's the section just over halfway down the page, headed 'Why can't I send email from wireless hotspots using a laptop & Windows Mail'.

Thank you for your patience and input with my rather trivial problem (it just seemed annoying with time being precious - with only getting back to the UK briefly about once a year, there's never time for everything I want to do).

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