Any way to display connection speed all the time?

  polymath 15:17 19 Sep 2008

I'm on a dialup connection with a poor phone line, and having problems (dicussed elsewhere) connecting new computers to the internet. I'm also about to make a formal complaint to my phone line provider.

Because of all this I'm keeping an eye on my connection speeds, and also printing out relevant sections of the modem log (those showing the worst incidents).

To save trawling through the whole modem log to select what to print/delete, I hover over the connection icon frequently, to see the speed.
It's a nuisance having to keep remembering to do it. Does anyone know of a setting or little application to display the speed all the time?
The more graphic the better, eg it would be ideal if, for instance, a speed could be chosen below which something happened to catch the eye (as in the Windows Resource Meter).
Is there any such beast?

  ZZ Top 15:52 19 Sep 2008

There are quite a few programs that will do this for you, either free or low cost. I suggest a google search for 'monitor my connection speed' and choose what looks right for you

  ambra4 16:03 19 Sep 2008
  jack 16:36 19 Sep 2008

'Hovered' over the two screen showing connection.
At least this is the case with XP PRO and Broadband.
Try it and let us know.

  setecio 16:46 19 Sep 2008

>>>>> Surely the speed is displayed when the mouse is 'Hovered' over the two screen showing connection. At least this is the case with XP PRO and Broadband. Try it and let us know.

No, these boxes give false and usually highly exaggerated figures. Use a proper speedtest page such click here

  polymath 16:53 19 Sep 2008

Thanks both!

ambra4; I followed your link and looked at Dial-up Connection Monitor, which looks a very useful tool and displays a graph. But it seems to monitor throughput, which isn't quite what I'm hoping to find; it goes up when the data's compressed. I was thinking of something that would display what the system tray connection icon does when pointed at (12,000bps/9,600bps/whatever), but all the time.

I've googled for it in various combinations of keywords, but haven't narrowed it down to a maneagable number of results, or particularly relevant ones. I'll try your phrase, ZZ Top -thanks!

  polymath 17:07 19 Sep 2008

Yes, I do have the speed displayed there, jack & setecio - I'd just like the display not to go away when I move the mouse away from it.

Thanks setecio, but the speed test you linked to seems to be for broadband, and it would take longer to go to a website to check the speed every time.

I'm not sure which boxes you mean (that give false figures)? If modem logs give true figures, then my connection icon does (their stories agree).

  polymath 21:37 19 Sep 2008

ZZ Top; your search phrase brought up some interesting results I hadn't seen before, but not linking to the simpler kind of solution I was looking for (not on the first 3 pages anyway; browsing's a slow business here).

The exception was a link to info about Windows System Monitor, which I hadn't explored before.
It can monitor (with a chart) a choice of several things including dialup adaptor connection speed (just 1 thing at once, or 2 or more). I've set the frequency it checks at, and the maximum on the chart (12,000bps in my case, as I like to know when it drops below that).
My only problem with the System Monitor is that it takes up about half the screen (when not minimised to a static taskbar icon), so it's impracticable to watch constantly. Is there any way I could reduce the size, and preferably put it in a corner of the screen?

Or perhaps a way to have the pop-up speed info (at the dialup connection icon) displaying all the time? The little movement when dropping below 12,000kbps, going one digit shorter, might be just enough to notice.

In case you're wondering why I don't just look through the modem log, mine doesn't just record one connection per internet session. Connecting often takes several attempts, and I have to reconnect frequently. This means the log often generates about an A4 page per minute, which would take a long time to trawl through on its own. I'm trying to print out a selection of the events with the slower connection speeds, and some kind of alert to those would help me look in the right places in the modem log, print out what I want and delete the rest ready for the next internet session.

The phone line provider here in Ireland is supposed to deliver "functional internet access", i.e. at least 28,800bps. In my complaint to them, some documentation up my sleeve seems a good idea, to show how far below that I've been getting. Usually, after they've worked on a line fault (which is frequently here), they just ring and say "Is your line all right now?", which isn't very useful (they can check the line better than an ear can, and it's variable anyway).

  Graham. 00:05 20 Sep 2008

Go to ThinkBroadband click here and register.

You can then see a graph of your speeds.

  polymath 20:48 20 Sep 2008

Thanks for taking the trouble, Graham.

It's an online speed test, though; it would be too fiddly for me to go to the website every time (and sometimes a struggle, with my connection). It looks useful though (I would have bookmarked it, ready for when I might get broadband, but my BB won't be through the phone line!)

I was hoping to find something simpler (a tweak/little program to make the dialup icon's pop-up speed info stay up, for instance).

  polymath 19:59 05 Oct 2008

Still trying!

Somebody suggested FreeMeter from Sourceforge, a downloadable desktop/system tray app that displays a graph of connection speed. It seemed a bit more like it; though I don't know how big its display is, apparently 'transparency' is a feature (unlike System Monitor).
It's only supposed to work with Win2K & XP, though (I asked them if it would with 98SE, but no answer).

I've been trying to find someone within reach who still has a dialup connection, to check if I can connect the laptop through it. My nearest neighbours & I share the same low-speed line, but most others would have faster lines. If one works with my laptop, that'll be hefty ammunition to throw at the phone line people.

Meanwhile, I'd still like to find a handier way to keep an eye on connection speed at home. Does anyone know whether the 98SE dialup icon speed display can be set not to go away when the pointer's moved away?

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