Any way to boost the volume coming from a laptop?

  Triprajul 19:07 21 Nov 2010


I am traveling soon to a nearby city. When I get there, a friend is going to lend me his laptop so that my wife can listen to her favorite Internet radio stations. However, his laptop doesn't have external speakers so listening without headphones will be very difficult and frankly, I don't want to buy external speakers just for a few days. Does anyone know a way, any way, to dramatically boost the sound coming from a laptop? Finally, any other way to fix this problem that anyone can suggest would be greatly appreciated.

  geewis357 19:27 21 Nov 2010

The easiest way I found was to use a 3.5mm male to male jack leed and connect to the aux socket ho your hi fi. You will have to ballance the volumes to get the right sound, then crank it up, wofks fine for me.

  woodchip 20:15 21 Nov 2010

yes add some usb speakers like i have click here

120 watt click here#

  Taff™ 20:35 21 Nov 2010

Cheaper laptop speakers are very poor, particularly on volume and "tinny" sound - both the suggestions posted so far are valid but if you don`t want to spend any money at all just make sure that the laptops master volume is on full and the playback on the program you are using to access the internet radio is also on full.

Start with master volume Control Panel>Sound etc

  robin_x 20:42 21 Nov 2010

A cheapo FM Transmitter will do for a few days.

3.5mm jack then just use any of your normal house FM radios/hi-fi tuner.

Mine cost £3.00. To 'connect' my phone to car stereo.

Supermarkets and pound shops have them

  robin_x 20:43 21 Nov 2010
  Batch 17:53 22 Nov 2010

I know it's not really in the direction that you were intimating, but I just bought a set of PC speakers from Oraneg Accessories which were massively reduced in price. See click here.

If you google "philips spa2360", you'll see that others are selling these for around £45. From Orange Accessories, they are £17.50 including VAT & delivery.

I've used the set I got to supplement my TV and they are more than adequate. Sure they are not like a set of Bose speakers, but they're a helluva lot better than just the TV speakers.

Only prob. I can see is will you and wifey want to cart something like these around?

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