Any way to avoid Freeserve disconnect after 2 hrs?

  John Berriman 19:19 01 May 2003

Being in an area not suitable for Broadband, I'm still dialling up using my 56k modem.

Is there any way I can avoid the 2 hour 'cut-off' through Freeserve and other ISP's ?

If so, I'd appreciate being pointed in the right direction - if not, I'll just have to lump it !

  snoresloudly 19:24 01 May 2003

sorry, I think you will have to "lump it", if you are d/loading you can install a programme which will re-connect and continue the d/load from where you left of there are various freeware programmes to do this gozilla being one that comes to mind, if you are only surfing then it is not to much of a problem to re-connect.

I do seem to remember a little programme that was supposed to "fool" the isp and thus prevent this but for the life of me cannot recall where or what it was called.

  soy 19:25 01 May 2003

How about switching ISP's?

Force9 allows up to 40 Hours per week click here

  behrouzn 19:30 01 May 2003

Those programs that "fool" the ISP dont stop you from automatically being disconnected, but stop the ISP disconnecting you if you are idle for a period of time.

I use freeserve and Im really annoyed whenIm playing online games and Im disconnected. :(

  tartanterror 19:34 01 May 2003

aol dosn't disconnect at 2 hours if i remember correctly
they were my first isp been with ntl after that (2 hour rule) and currently with freeserve bb

  bowman 19:38 01 May 2003

Sorry, but as far as I'm aware the answer to your question is NO! The two hour cut off is there for a reason, at the end of the day is it that hard to just click the connect button?

Hope this does'nt sound harsh, it's not meant to. But like you I'm still on Dialup, with no hope of broadband in the near future. So it looks like we both have to "Lump it"

  John Berriman 19:50 01 May 2003

I somehow thought it was unlikely there'd be a way to fool ISP's !

My kids are getting into online games (like Behrouzn !) and I was hoping to avoid their anguished cries !

(Maybe I'll just have to invest in some earplugs .....)

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