Any Virginmedia User find a way of E-mailing them

  birdface 20:50 03 Sep 2011

Phone has been out of order most of today it is completely dead.

As the phone does not work I thought that I would e-mail them and 3 hours later I still have not found out how you can do it.

Tried Another phone and still no incoming or outgoing calls.

They do give you an 0845 phone number to use but why use that when you have to pay them for your calls, when you already pay for them with your package.

Just wondered if anyone else has had the same problem with Virginmedia and how they managed to get through to them.

I have tried the service for faults and nothing reported.

The Contact Us box is just a joke.

All I can say is thank goodness this does not happen that often.

And of course Ask Jenny does not want to know.

  onionskin 21:21 03 Sep 2011

Try this

  birdface 22:53 03 Sep 2011


Ok gave that a try and posted on the website.

So far no answers but will see what tomorrow brings.

  onionskin 23:04 03 Sep 2011

The Newsgroup used to work well, instant reply at any time of day or night. Then customers started using it, so they took it down.

  onionskin 01:14 04 Sep 2011

Ask Jenny is a robot. I still find it amusing to type 'bum' in the question box, but then I'm only 60.

  birdface 05:51 04 Sep 2011

For a Robot she does not seem to know much.

Not bad at getting you to go round in circles mind you.

  birdface 06:19 04 Sep 2011

This is a recent example of my problem that others have gone through.

Looks like the forum is the only way to contact them if you don't want to be charged 40p a minute.

Well that's the charge quoted so I will assume that it is correct.

The 789 number from a Virgin Mobile looks promising lets hope I remember it for a future occasion.

  robin_x 08:22 04 Sep 2011

Try these alt number sites

  robin_x 08:24 04 Sep 2011
  birdface 09:18 04 Sep 2011

robinofloxley Thanks for that but I was trying to contact them without using a phone and it was nearly imposible.

But onionskin link got me to their forum and I am hoping someone will contact me today.

It just so happens that Virginmedia for an extra £2 odds will connect you to 0845 numbers for the normal phone charge.

How convenient for them

Anyone else wanting to spend a couple of hours looking for another way to contact them through there website feel free to try.

Remember though no phone calls and not using the of luck.

See how easy it is.

  birdface 09:49 04 Sep 2011

Hi onionskin

I have been contacted by one of the Forum support team and it seems that they will be able to fix it in the next 24 hours without sending out an engineer.

So looking good thanks to you.

And of corse robinofloxley for your contribution.

Will let you know when it is Ok.

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