Any views on SSE as Fibre ISP

  john bunyan 09:18 02 Jul 2018

For many years I have used BT as phone and line and Talk Talk ( from old Pipex days) as my ISP. We now have fibre to cabinet in our road and Virgin would dig a long trench to the house. BT have offered a combined deal for combined phone and fibre at a saving, but with an18 months contract. SSE have offered a similar deal with fixed £30 a month contract but A rolling monthly contract. I hate longer term contracts in view of potential cancellation costs. I have now mostly moved e mail to Outlook, so my old Pipex e Mail is less important. I need to know, as my wife uses catalogs , about SSE phone charges, but apart from changing router , is the set up automatic?

I did think of Zen but they seem less well regarded these days. I agree I am a bit obsessed with having a rolling monthly contract. Price is important but am prepared to pay a bit for good service (UK call centre) and monthly contract . Any views? PS SSE offered 50mbps

  Pine Man 10:15 02 Jul 2018


Apart from Virgin all of the copper/fibre network is the responsibility of Open Reach regardless of which ISP you choose.

I don't necessarily agree with your concerns about contracts as they can generate good discounts and most are only for a year. Are you anticipating moving? If you suddenly decided to move it would most likely take 5 - 6 months at least and most ISPs would treat you sympathetically.

When choosing your ISP not only should you be considering customer service but also whether or not the ISPs uses traffic management, has unlimited access, has high set up costs and how good is their router.

I have found that the best way forward, if you are satisfied with your existing supplier, is to check out their competitors prices in your area then speak to your provider. I have done this with Sky for many years and they have also been happy to negotiate.

Finding the best customer service is always extremely difficult, for example, I am with Sky and various surveys rate them as terrible, which is confirmed by their forums. I have been with them many years and have always found that the little contact I have had with them has always been excellent. You may well find the same with SSE.

I have checked out SSE on line and they certainly aren't the cheapest or rated the highest for anything.

  alanrwood 11:24 02 Jul 2018

I'm with Zen and they are absolutely great. Constant 77.6Mb/s download, 18.9Mb/s upload. I have not noticed any degradation in service over the past 3 years. Not the cheapest but the best in my opinion.

  john bunyan 12:28 02 Jul 2018

Pine Man; Alanwood

Thanks for comments. I am not necessarily thinking of moving house but a rolling monthly contract gives you a chance to switch ISP’s if they fall down. I will compare prices a bit more carefully but the service is the important issue. Will relook at Zen.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:11 02 Jul 2018

Ah so you got the letter from SSE?

No connection fee only if you are an SSE energy customer.

Tempted to change to the "Fibre" myself as paying £16 to EE just for BB and linerental to BT.

  john bunyan 13:18 02 Jul 2018

Zen a bit slower than SSE and more expensive in my area. I am a SSE customer and could get a superfast (61mbps) BB plus unlimited calls to normal numbers for £30+ £7 a month with rolling contract. No set up fee and free router .May well give it a try. Currently with BT for phone and Talk Talk for 8-9 mbps

  john bunyan 20:39 02 Jul 2018

If I switch, will SSE inform BT and Talk Talk , for whom I have no long term contract? When the day of switch comes do I just plug in the new router? Will it “know” my e mail etc and printer and other plug ins?

  wee eddie 21:09 02 Jul 2018

Your BT and TalkTalk email addresses will be closed down, not immediately, but in the fullness of time. It is your Computer that knows your email addresses and logs into them via your Server, soon to be SSE.

  wee eddie 21:13 02 Jul 2018

SSE will, in all probability, provide you with a suitable Router which you will have to set up

  john bunyan 21:48 02 Jul 2018

*wee eddie *

Thanks; they will supply a suitable “fibre compliant “ router to replace my own bought Netgear router. I believe the Pipex e Mail will be available for up to a year and I am informing my contracts to switch to my Outlook one. I believe that the old PAC code is no longer. Not sure if I should formally tell BT and TT or leave it to SSE, and when to stop direct debits etc.

  wee eddie 21:55 02 Jul 2018

Don't rely on SSE to sort out your previous suppliers, regardless of what their PR Department says

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