Any tips on closing a session in nero...

  Murray 20:07 11 Feb 2003

I recently made a backup CD of my hard disk - just my documents, etc, and filed it away for a rainy day.

Now I come to use it to recover something I deleted by accident I find that the CD is unreadable, when i open it in Nero, it says the session is still open.

If I try to close it, it says "session fixation error" - so I cannot read the disk, even tho the data I want is on the disk (it says the disk is nearly full too).

I am sure when I made the CD it said it had completed successfully, otherwise i would have thrown it away and made another copy.

This is really frustrating - I thought by taking a backup I was being clever but it seems I was not clever enough.

Is there any way I can close a session on a CD which has this error - or even read the data off it so I can access the file...

  Stuartli 20:15 11 Feb 2003

A full explanation is provided in Nero's Help files under Multisession (there are two sections); it's pointless repeating it all in this thread.

  pj123 20:46 11 Feb 2003

i always thought that if you saved something to a multisession CD/r it couldn't be read until the session was closed. I have since been proved wrong on many occasions. I now never close a multisession CD/r and have had no problems reading it back to my hard disk. What are u using to read it back? I have PowerDesk 4 which I prefer over Windows Explorer. PowerDesk has been the cover disk on lots of Magazines and its free.

The disk to look for is PC Advisor for March 2001.

Once you put PowerDesk on your PC you will never go back to Windows Explorer.


  pj123 20:50 11 Feb 2003

Sorry, I need a new pair of glasses. you are trying to read it back from Nero. don't. use windows explorer or powerdesk if you have it and drag and drop to where you want it.

  billyliv 20:54 11 Feb 2003

Hi, Try opening Nero,select make a data CD, continue with a multisession disc Put the said disc into your drive and try adding another file to it. If it lets you your disc is OK, I'm not too sure about Nero but you should then get the option to finalize the disc. If it doesn't let you add any more files then I suggest the said disc is a 'Coaster'. Cheers, Bill

  Murray 21:47 11 Feb 2003

If I try to add to the disk - it asks me which session to add to - i cannot select the current session as it is open. I guess you cannot add to an open session, but you CAN add to an open disk, being different things.

  Murray 21:50 11 Feb 2003

so if I try to finish the session (- there is a button to do that on 'recorder, medium info' menu) it says session fixation error.

I think I have lost the disk, but i was was just wondering if there was any special software to read partially made CD's. I dont have Powerdesk, but I guess it is just a smarter versin of explorer, and so wont really help.


  TheTerminator 21:59 11 Feb 2003

powerdesk should help you i think.
download it, try it out, then tell me that it won't really help

  Murray 08:40 12 Feb 2003

and it cant read the disk - windows (XP) says the disk is corrupted.

Any more ideas?

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