Any thoughts please.

  alan2273 09:49 31 Aug 2013

I recently had a friends Toshiba satellite laptop which would not shut down and kept locking up, to have a look at.

I ran sfc/scannow and that cured the shut down problem.

However I cannot cure the locking up problem.

I ran an AVG rescue disk to check for any virus and that came up clean, I ran memtest and that was also OK.

This laptop is 5 years old and runs Vista basic, there is no back up, OS disk or hidden partition so I cannot restore it to factory settings.

I tried to download a hard drive test and the laptop locked up, the same happened when I tried to install it from a USB stick.

I ran a live Linux CD and it absolutely flies along.

The only conclusion I can come to is the Hitachi hard drive is dying.

Any one got any other thoughts on this.

  Zak 11:01 31 Aug 2013

Download free by same people that do CCleaner. Amongst other info and tools it will show state of health of your disk


  spuds 11:25 31 Aug 2013

If you think that its a hard-drive problem in the making, then you might find some help with the following two links?.

click here click here

  spuds 12:30 31 Aug 2013

Looks like the second link is not working.Try

  spuds 12:31 31 Aug 2013

That's not working either?.

  BRYNIT 13:10 31 Aug 2013

This is the second link from spuds click here

  woodchip 13:39 31 Aug 2013

As its a old Laptop, my thoughts are the CPU heatsink is blocked. It need part disassembling to clear it

  alan2273 16:34 01 Sep 2013

Problem solved, it was not a dying hard drive, it was a badly corrupted OS.

Apparently he had been using the on/off switch to shut it down every day for the last few months and had corrupted the OS beyond repair.

I took the drive out and searched for partitions and saw on which was 5GB's and was not initialized, after making it active it went back in the laptop and a quick press of F8 and there it was the backup partition.

It now has a factory reset with 174 updates plus two service packs( which took nearly 8 hours to download and install, thank you Microsoft.), and works well again.

Thanks to all who took the time to reply

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