any suggestions for upgrade ?

  alchemist014 18:53 18 Feb 2013

i got customized desktop a month ago . and now i want to upgrade it because it's just basic pc ..

the specs are :

AMD A6-3500 Redfox RF-155F1M1 With HD6450D Up to 2GB video card 2GB ddr3-1600 memory WD500GB SATA

need suggestions for upgrading it .. thanks ...

  woodchip 19:53 18 Feb 2013

Better than all the PC's and Laptops I have. Why do ou need to Upgrade it

  The Kestrel 21:35 18 Feb 2013

The first thing I would upgrade is your RAM, as you only have 2Gb according to your list. Most modern operating systems and programs will work better with more RAM. I'd go for either a total of 4 or 8Gb whichever you can afford.

You can use the scanner at Crucial, the best place to get RAM from, to find the correct type.

  nickf 23:40 18 Feb 2013

What do you intend to use this for ? And what is your budget ? what OS are you running ? The more info you give us , the more accurate our advice can be .

  alchemist014 15:04 19 Feb 2013

@woodchip ... thanks

@THE kestrel ... crucial system suggests me to have 32GB ...

@nickf ... online games : dont care about the budget : windows7

sorry but i dont have much knowledge on computers ... T.T

  Chronos the 2nd 15:24 19 Feb 2013

What online games, BF3 type or flash games? If you only have a 32Bit version of Windows 7 the 4GB is all you can use. If you have the 64Bit version then 8GB is plenty.

What motherboard have you? as your CPU is entry level Liano APU which is a fusion of CPU and GPU and cannot be considered a gaming processor.Perfect chip for internet, simple desktop work, a spreadsheet or two, word, simple gaming and audio/video playback. So would be very useful to know make and model of motherboard.

  nickf 15:34 19 Feb 2013

If your going to be playing full on onlinegames like BF3 or Crysis 2 , I would forget what you've got and start from scratch toget anything worth calling a gaming PC . I kow that sounds a little harsh , but unless youstart with a good base , will not matter what else you try adding , it will still struggle toplay top games at decent FPS and quality .

  alchemist014 17:16 19 Feb 2013

can i edit topic here ?? i'm looking forward for your suggestions and comments.

now, because i have basic pc can i also have basic upgrades with it ...

i just want to play LOL, HON, GC, SF, NFS.

thanks for your concerns.

  Chronos the 2nd 17:25 19 Feb 2013

i just want to play LOL, HON, GC, SF, NFS.

What are these games?

  alchemist014 18:03 19 Feb 2013

LOL=league of legends HON=heroes of newerth GC=grandchase SF=special force NFS=need for speed

sorry for having this for my games ...

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