Any suggestions on disk swapping?

  silverfoxcc 19:47 30 Apr 2009

I am not very computer literate... so please explain in really young persons language!!
C drive is 160GB, D Drive 80Gb, with extl drive of 500GB. the extl wont take the download from my Studio prog, so i need to 'swap' the two HDD around, so the 80GB is C and 160 is D. I dont want to loose any info from the current C drive,(which due to a glitch had to be reformatted four weeks ago) The idiots way (mine) is to copy the C drive(160gb) completely to the Extl. Disconnect the cables and (after doing the business with the switches) reconnect the 80GB to the C drive cable. Re install XP (hopefully), connect the 160gb disk to the cabling ( now the D drive) and then transfer all of the Extl drive back onto the C (80GB) drive, thus giving me a 160gb empty D drive, which will go someway towards solving the problem.
Can this be done or is there an easier way?
Thank in advance

  Technotiger 20:21 30 Apr 2009

What do you mean by ...

the extl wont take the download from my Studio prog,

You should be able to direct any download to where-ever you want it to go, via the browse option.

  silverfoxcc 21:06 30 Apr 2009

I have Pinnacle Studio Ver 11, a Video editing program.
This entails 'copying' the digital video from the camcorder to the PC, then editing out all the bits you dont want IE splicing in the old days. Apparently the transfer rate from the Camcorder via the PC to the Extl Drive (USB) is too fast for all the info to be processed. ( the video runs at 25 Frames per sec) As a result, i am dropping frames wholesale. The ideal solution is to get a 500GB HDD, but am out of funds ,computerwise, at present. I could manage on the 160GB HDD BUT that is 'cluttered'with XP and all the other progs, and it would be easier to have all the imported video on one disk to edit. SO thats why i asked the question.
Can i swap the C and D drive around so my 80GB disc is now the main C drive and the 160GB disk is now the D drive
Hope that clarifies it for you

  DieSse 21:17 30 Apr 2009

If you've got enough space on the 160GB right now, put your Camcorder files onto it - then simply copy the files across to your external drive. You won't lose frames doing a copy from C to external.

  silverfoxcc 21:26 30 Apr 2009

Will give it a go

  silverfoxcc 08:14 06 May 2009


Thanks for the input,
Worked OK
All solved


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