Any SITECOM Wireless Modem/Router experts please?

  AngeTheHippy 12:28 29 Nov 2007

Hi Chaps,

This link:
click here
explains the problems I'm having trying to connect SECURELY with this wireless setup.

Sitecom don't appear to have a support number for help (other than a high cost one..) NOT going that route!

ALL help needed on this one guys,


  crosstrainer 12:53 29 Nov 2007

A Maplins only product, as sitecom make routers and components for a lot of vendors. If you can access your routers admin screen (address in the manual) something like (example only) you should be able to configure your security from there....But the thing is YOU MUST SAVE the new configuration for it to take effect. If you don't...The dumb box defaults to it's non-protected settings.

If you have done this and it still refuses to retain settings, then it sounds as if you may have a faulty box.

Also some (very few) routers will only retain there settings if left on at all times....(most people do this as they require very little power)

Also have a look here on the Sitecom site to see if you can find updated drivers / firmware updates

  crosstrainer 12:53 29 Nov 2007

Sorry the last link..

click here

  AngeTheHippy 14:12 29 Nov 2007

tell ya summat - the problems I had with PC a couple of weeks back were NOTHING compared to this!! It's a nightmare! The instructions I'm finding next to useless, and If I can get online line usecured, I wonder why the hell it won't set my configs (with the safety)and allow be to go online? I CAN get online (unprotected) and am trying desparately to configure via the browser. But it just will NOT recognise my network. I#ve got tp be doing something wrong, just don't know what...


  crosstrainer 15:03 29 Nov 2007

See your config screen? If you can and are entering your own characters for WEP, and changing the ssid name, then saving. You are doing things correctly, sounds to me like a faulty router (sorry to say, but better kit exists) If you can't access your routers config screen, then you are perhaps doing something wrong.

Can you post back, and let us know what you are seeing when setting up the router (normal routine is)

1) Enter address into browser IE (example) WITHOUT the www stuff

2) A screen should appear requesting a login password and username. (by default these are usually admin, and admin for both

3) Then you should see your routers setup screen

Post back when you have done this.....If you have I think you could have a faulty router, or low voltage router psu.

  AngeTheHippy 15:24 29 Nov 2007

OK then. This is the order of the config screen::

profile name: ababab (example)
next screen:
network name: ababab - same as profile name (??)
n/work type: access point
transfer rate: auto

Next Page:
Authentication type: change to WPA from open
Encryption: TKIP
Next page:
Authentication type: choices are PEAP, TLS/Smartcard or TTLS. Leave it on PEAP it asks 'identity required' - don't know what to put here. The other 2 choices also want identity. Can't go forward after this, CT.


  crosstrainer 15:30 29 Nov 2007

Ok, so you get into the screen ok...first question who is your isp? Post back, and I will direct you to a link giving you the settings you can and cannot use.

  AngeTheHippy 15:36 29 Nov 2007

Newnet, crosstrainer. But i think I've already got their settings...


  crosstrainer 15:58 29 Nov 2007

Look now..never heard of them?

  crosstrainer 16:01 29 Nov 2007

This may be helpful, click on the one you feel is the most relevant. :)

click here

  crosstrainer 16:05 29 Nov 2007

The short post, was on the phone....getting too old to multi-task these day's...try this link and see if anything differs from what you've already tried :)

click here

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