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Any SAP experts out there? Auto complete problem

  Roadgiant 22:36 05 May 2015

Just a long shot to see if anyone can help me with an issue we have at my workplace where we use the SAP software in the Motor trade for the invoicing and supplying of motor parts. In March the business I work for was transferred from one company to another, we were all given brand new computers with Windows 8 along with SAP and other programs installed.

Up to the transfer if we were in a SAP screen and typed a part number in the material screen or order number in the PO Number box, then for some reason at a later time started to type the same part number/order number then autocomplete (best way I can think of describing it) completed the part number/order no.

After the transfer this does not work

I wonder if there is some setting that can be altered to make this work again?

I have spoken to the umbrella company support IT and to be honest they seemed to have no idea and suggested it was an issue our own IT needed to look at rather than them, having spoken to our own IT people they don't know the answer (in all fairness SAP was a new system for them)

As you probably I am a user rather than on the IT side of things

If needed I have the software issue details, or feel free to ask any more questions if needed

Thanks in advance as always RG

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:44 05 May 2015

click here suggest you point you IT department to the link above so they can make the relevant settings


  Roadgiant 22:54 05 May 2015

Thanks,I'll contact them in the morning

  Ian in Northampton 10:14 06 May 2015

It sounds to me - and I'm just basing this on general computing knowledge rather than any knowledge at all of SAP - as if what may have been happening is that SAP, like a browser, maintains a cache of just about everything you type into it. Thus, with a browser, if you clear its cache, autocomplete doesn't work the first time - but it starts again, building its database of entries. I'm wondering if a similar thing happens with SAP and, during the transfer, the cache was emptied or left behind. What would prove or disprove my theory is if you now type in a part number, and then go to type it in again, does it now autocomplete? It wouldn't do the first time because the number isn't cached - but should do the second time.

I'm probably not just barking up the wrong tree - I'm in the wrong forest altogether...

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:58 06 May 2015

Ian what you say is true and is probably what has happened the link I posted was also to make sure the relevant things are switch on if its a fresh install of SAP on the new companies system.

  Roadgiant 18:53 06 May 2015

Thanks once again for the suggestions, unfortunately no nearer the solution, as mentioned previously the change over was at the beginning of March, so unfortunately the cache suggestion is wrong,as sometimes we type the same no in numerous times in a day. Passed on the earlier suggestion to our IT dept with no luck.

I have spent over an hour on the phone to the main support center based in India and they accessed my PC remotely to no avail,they are going to look into it further and hopefully get back to us with a solution Thanks once again for the help RG

  bumpkin 19:58 06 May 2015

*I have spent over an hour on the phone to the main support center based in India and they accessed my PC remotely *


  Roadgiant 22:19 06 May 2015

Thanks for the advice bumpkin, but this is a legitimate verified help center of a major international company, before allowing access I had it all cleared by our own IT dept.

  bumpkin 18:06 07 May 2015

You should be OK then if your IT Dept says so. As soon as the words India and Remote Access are mentioned to me then off go the alarm bells.

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