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Any recommendations rca to digital converters?

  polymath 21:42 28 Jul 2019

Or are those little boxes all much of a muchness inside? I'm having trouble choosing between Amazon's offerings - I'm not bothered about saving a pound or two, am unfamiliar with the brand names, and find the reviews not much help. (Especially as most of the bad ones seem to be from people who obviously needed the opposite, didn't set their TV to external speakers, etc).

Picture/video quality is irrelevant in this case as it's only for audio. (From our stereo with only RCA output (3.5mm red & white left/right phono plugs 6to a sound bar with only digital inputs (HDMI and Toslink optical). The converters I saw all seemed to have both outlets. (I realise they can't improve on the phono sound quality - I just want to connect the two).

Don't know if it makes any difference, but the input is from a Teac LP-R500 and output to Panasonic SC-HTB498 sound bar.

  polymath 21:47 05 Aug 2019

Solved (hopefully!). I've finally bought one, a Flexson Analogue-to-Digital Converter for Sonos Playbar (and similar devices).

The ADCs that Amazon showed me (priced between about £10 & £15) didn't include enough detail to be sure about the types of digital output, and where the jpower came from (USB would be difficult with our setup). Results from the wider web seemed to be either re the opposite conversion, or for the production side of music (serious-looking gear, doing a lot more than we needed and priced accordingly).

Remembering the knowledgeable Richer Sounds people in a forum they run here in ROI, I first tried their website (without much hope), and there was just one ADC there, the above Flexson model. That seemed a good sign, and the £30 price suggested higher quality than I'd seen on Amazon. And unlike those brands, Flexson had a web presence (specialising in accessories for Sonos), and the detailed specs included optical and coaxial outputs, and mains power, so that was problem solved (it'll probably arrive tomorrow).

There's a Richer Sounds shop in NI, but it's a day's work to get there and back (and delivery's quite fiddly to ROI), so I tried an Amazon search on the model, and there it was. Maybe the ones it showed me before were sponsored or otherwise manipulated results (they were followed by increasingly irrelevant ones).

As searches go, that felt like quite a marathon. But a helpful (and delighted) review I found of it was by a customer who'd spent 8 weeks trying to find something that would connect his stereo to his new Sonos soundbar, so I can't complain!

  martd7 22:54 05 Aug 2019

Did you manage to get a new HIFI you were looking for?

  polymath 11:06 06 Aug 2019

Yes thanks, martd7, though in a rather more realistic way! (Saga here). click here

  martd7 11:41 06 Aug 2019

Ah right,sadly as you found the speakers on them units are not good,but Teac are a good make

Cassettes are coming back in fashion, even pro musicians are putting their songs through a tape effects program so it sounds like it's been recorded on tape and of course some are using a vinyl filter to add noise and scratches

Whatever next

Enjoy your new system

  polymath 10:43 07 Aug 2019

Thanks, will do!

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