any recommendations for a laptop to run photoshop

  theDarkness 21:46 17 Jan 2007

I am thinking of purchasing a laptop for my studies (to run photoshop/illustrator) and am wondering where people recommend in general for purchasing a computer. i have noticed that the high st stores (currys, pc world et al) seem to only offer laptops with a performance similar to my 4 year old computer (athlon 1600mhz) for around £500 or more, which seems insane, with only around 256 to 512mb.

even though the specs seem similar to my desktop, would i see much of a difference in system performance? laptops today seem to all come with a 64-bit motherboard, my desktop has a 32-bit one. the thing is, i have upgraded my desktop pc, as it now has 1 gig of ram, a seperate sound card, and a seperate agp graphics card (nvidia fx5500). would my desktop outperform a current 1.6mhz laptop with 1gig ram, just for a general idea of speed capabilities, even if I took out the gfx? its prob impossible to tell.. no doubt a current 256mb or 512mb ram laptop would b reasonable to run any gfx programs, although prob not ideal? thanks for any info, esp if anyone has a pc for the same usage :)

  woodchip 21:48 17 Jan 2007

You need one that as the New Intel Dual Core and at least one gig ram

  woodchip 21:50 17 Jan 2007

Also look for one that as other than, Intel Graphics

  theDarkness 22:01 17 Jan 2007

high st stores for models with 1gig ram and beyond tend to be very expensive, recommend anywhere else for a similar spec and reduced price? id go for second hand but i fear that could be a bit risky.

high st stores seem to manage to get the majority of sales through higher purchase, although it can work out easier i dont really fancy paying well over the odds (double!) for a 1.6mhz laptop with 1gig of ram, it doesnt help when the outright price of most machines seems to be higher than id expected anyway :( lol

  woodchip 22:05 17 Jan 2007

Look click here

Also look at the bottom of page for Desktop type notebooks etc

  theDarkness 22:08 17 Jan 2007

thanks, ill check it out :)

i guess what im also wondering is how much faster a 64-bit motherboard laptop would be to a 32-bit desktop, if all other specs and add ons were identical

  Kate B 22:08 17 Jan 2007

Does it have to be a laptop?

  theDarkness 22:14 17 Jan 2007

the 32-bit motherboard desktop i have at home at the moment is enough to run what i need, a laptop will b so much easier for travelling back and four :) im not so sure if purchasing another desktop would b a good idea money wise? amd alot more difficult to use on the bus :D hehe

  do-gull 22:15 17 Jan 2007

Woolworths do a medion with 1 gig of ram for £399.
Don't know how good it is but it looks quite tasty.


  woodchip 22:19 17 Jan 2007

My Laptop is a Medion. it only had 256Mb memory so I fitted a extra 256mb. But the biggest gain in speed was fitting a Hitachi 7200RPM bigger hard drive

  theDarkness 22:19 17 Jan 2007

yeah that sounds good, from what ive looked at so far most 1.6-2ghz with 1g of ram and over seem to be well over 500. anyone know where the best online stores are for price? im definately going to avoid the high st! thanks every1 for info

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