Any Publisher 2007 experts around

  howard64 10:52 25 May 2009

A friend has a small business and a Minolta C350 colour laser printer with duplex. He produces a small booklet which the duplex unit prints perfectly. He has a 2 page letter which he cannot get to print correctly. So far the nearest he has got to printing is for the letter to be printed with both sides but the reverse upside down. All settings have been checked but there does not seem to be anyway of printing 2 pages back to back the same way up. Could someone show how to do this please. I assume it is something to do with how the page is originally set up but cannot find any option for it. Any suggestions will be appreciated - thanks in advance.

  Pine Man 11:14 25 May 2009

If I understand this correctly what you are saying is that if he wants to use the duplex setting on his printer to print both sides of a single sheet one side is upside down?

Has he tried the same sort of thing with any other program like word or something else?

If that doesn't work, which I suspect it won't then it is not a publisher problem. More likely his printer software, which I am not conversant with, unfortunately.

  howard64 11:18 25 May 2009

the duplex unit works fine for the booklet setting in publisher and yes he can print duplex fine with word but the letter is quite complex with pictures etc and publisher is his choice of prog.

  Pine Man 11:28 25 May 2009

Maybe it is the way it's set up in Publisher then.

As a test surely the simplest way would be to use a basic default page in Publisher then design the letter as an ordinary document filling up page one with text and graphics and then allowing it to continue normally onto page two when the first page is full. Set the printer for duplex printing and let it rip!

  howard64 11:30 25 May 2009

this is exactly what was done. I think somewhere in publisher 2007 there must be a setting for A4 back to back but cannot find it.

  Pine Man 11:35 25 May 2009

You shouldn't need any settings at all in Publisher. If you start filling up a default page and continuing page after page after page with no special settings it is the printer that should sort out the duplex printing not Publisher.

  bvw in bristol 11:40 25 May 2009

Try rotating the upside down page through 180 degrees, it then appears on screen upside down but prints ok.

  Pine Man 11:50 25 May 2009

Sounds like a good idea but I'm sure it shouldn't be necessary. It may be something to do with some Publisher settings that are being used that are conflicting with the printers software.

  howard64 11:54 25 May 2009

thanks bvw in bristol that could well be a way of doing it.

  Pine Man 11:56 25 May 2009

Off out to a BBQ now - good luck and let us know how it works out.

  bvw in bristol 11:57 25 May 2009

No idea if it's Publisher or my Canon iP4500 duplex settings.... but it works for me. Rotate the page, save then duplex print. I'm a simple soul :)

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