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Any point in having 8GB RAM?

  MrNewName 10:06 19 Oct 2010


GA-980GPA Mobo

Phenom x6 1055T Porcessor

4GB DDR 1333 RAM

60GB Vertex 2 SSD

2xf3 1TB in RAID 1 formation

Main use:
Lightroom 3 / PSE 8 image processing.

Will I see any worthwhile improvement if I add another 4GB RAM?


  MrNewName 09:31 23 Oct 2010

I've found LR3 to be pretty fast at present; the only slowdown is when I wish to batch process a few hundred images at once.

I'll get another 4GB RAM and see how it goes as the price of DDR3 decreases.

  MrNewName 21:04 14 Apr 2011

For the sake of completion, I added another 4GB so have 8GB in total and it seems to me that it has made a difference with LR3.

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