Any point in having 8GB RAM?

  MrNewName 10:06 19 Oct 2010


GA-980GPA Mobo

Phenom x6 1055T Porcessor

4GB DDR 1333 RAM

60GB Vertex 2 SSD

2xf3 1TB in RAID 1 formation

Main use:
Lightroom 3 / PSE 8 image processing.

Will I see any worthwhile improvement if I add another 4GB RAM?


  bremner 10:12 19 Oct 2010

You do not state what O/S you have.

A 32 bit o/s will only address 4GB of RAM so putting in 8GB is pointless.

If you have 64bit o/s then you may see improvements in processes like video editing but for general use not.

  iscanut 10:14 19 Oct 2010

You need 64bit Win 7 otherwise even your 4 Gb has only about 3.5 of it being used.

  MrNewName 10:16 19 Oct 2010

Sorry, should have said, Win7 Home Premium 64bit.

  Proclaimer 10:35 19 Oct 2010

Yes, Lightroom Loves RAM. Especially when importing-exporting large numbers of images

  MrNewName 10:58 19 Oct 2010

Thanks Proclaimer.

Any thoughts on whether 1600MHz RAM will make a noticeable difference over 1333MHz?

  MrNewName 08:30 22 Oct 2010

Quick bump...

Any reason to go for 1600MHz rather than 1333MHz DDR3?

  GaT7 11:44 22 Oct 2010

I would say the RAM's increased speed will not make much difference.

About the increased quantity, that's anyone's guess. And 'worthwhile improvement' can mean different things to different folks.

You will get better answers at a dedicated Lightroom / PSE forum. G

  I am Spartacus 12:44 22 Oct 2010

The RAM speed won't make a measurable difference in PSE8 and as it's 32 bit extra RAM won't be of benefit either.

There's a thread at click here about extra RAM for the 64 bit version of Lightroom 3.

  MrNewName 12:48 22 Oct 2010

Thanks guys.

It's 64bit Windows 7 which I have.

The thread on the Adobe forums is helpful - cheers.

  hssutton 14:32 22 Oct 2010

Yes you should see a major improvement.
I run CS5 & Lightroom 3.2 on Vista Ultimate 64bit.

AMD Phenom quad core 2.6gh
8GB Kit DDR2 800MHz/PC2-6400 Memory CL6 1.8V

I increased my ram from 4 to 8gb due to lightroom 2 being very slow.

Contrary to what someone posted on Spartacus link Lightroom 3 is IMO much faster that lightroom 2

My raw files are around 25-32mb.

Elements 8 will run ok on windows 64bit, but only in 32 bit mode.

Photoshop Elements 8 runs in 32-bit mode on 64-bit systems. For issues with earlier versions of Photoshop Elements compatibility with Windows Vista, see TechNote kb403403.

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