any point

  filthpig 13:31 26 Feb 2007

is there any point in me buying a good sound card if i always use headphones to play games on my PC
will i notice the difference if i buy a seperate sound card coz the sound is pretty good just now with my onboard sound

  recap 13:40 26 Feb 2007

The old philosophy of 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it' spring to mind.

  Diemmess 14:46 26 Feb 2007

My view is-
You will notice more diffence if the money you save from NOT buying a new sound card, is spent on really good headphones.

  filthpig 19:09 26 Feb 2007

haha good point man can you recommend any good headphones?

  Diemmess 19:41 26 Feb 2007

I only remember how much better I found the man-sized ones which cover my ears softly like ear defenders, rather than tiddlers that are better suited to officeware.

This is one of many sites found by putting headphones into Google click here

Sennheiser seem middle of the range, but if you really want to make a statement they don't get much more expensive than Bose.

  recap 09:37 27 Feb 2007

I'm with Diemmess here, choosing a good set of headphones would benefit. The fully closed type would be my prefered choice.

  filthpig 13:56 27 Feb 2007

i have a kinda decent set although they only cost about £10 they are the kind that sit over your ears completeky not like the cheap kind you get walkmans

  keef66 15:46 27 Feb 2007

onboard sound these days is pretty good; I think you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference in games with a sound card. Spend the money on lager and Pringles.

  bezzer20 15:50 27 Feb 2007

or spend it on whole nut cadburys

  crosstrainer 16:00 27 Feb 2007

Gaming headphones...better than lager and pringles..last longer! click here

  keef66 16:45 27 Feb 2007

I particularly like the sound of the vibrating ones.

Also intrigued by the pair claiming to deliver 5.1 surround sound. How does that work with headphones??

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