Any Photoshop Elements experts?

  BillSers 11:30 13 Sep 2014

I've got an old version but photo editing is not my forte.

What I want is to overprint a black widow spider onto a background of an explosion. The spider is on a square white b/g which somehow has to be transparent for its shape to 'come out of' the explosion. I've been trying to understand layers but the instructions are written, as usual, for those more proficient than I in these matters. Can anyone tell me in idiot terms if it's possible.


  csqwared 16:50 13 Sep 2014

Use 'Gimp' myself but I think the process will be very similar:-

Open 'explosion' as the background image

The spider image needs to 'Open as Layer' on top of the background

in the 'spider' layer 'Add Alpha channel'

Select white background of 'spider' and delete

All being wel that should work.

Needless to say try all this on a copy, not the original. I've got an old Photoshop 6 kicking about somewhere. I'll dig it out and check how it works with that.

  BRYNIT 17:17 13 Sep 2014

Hopefully you should be able to find what you want in one of these tutorials CLICK HERE

  john bunyan 17:29 13 Sep 2014

Another suggestion: 1 Make sure both images are the same resolution. For printing I use 300 dpi. 2.Have both images open. On the spider picture use the "magic wand" tool set at about 30 to select the white background and get rid of any little "ants" left by putting the cursor on them. 3. Press "Select" , "Inverse". This should put a line around the spider. Then press "Edit", "Copy". 4 On the explosion press "edit", "Paste" . This will put a copy of the spider on the explosion photo. (Save it with a new name)as a Photoshop file.5. The spider will be in a new layer, a bit like being in a transparent film over the photo. Use the "move" tool (top right) to get the spider where you want, and the eraser to get rid of any other bits that have come over.(save again with another name!). When you are happy go to "Layers" and "Flatten Image" - save again - this time as a jpeg (layers cannot be saved in jpegs.) If you want to resize the spider you could do that before merging. Do save the old photos before you start! Come back if you like. (I use CS5)

  csqwared 17:35 13 Sep 2014

Ah!! PS doesn't work at all like Gimp. Sory about that.

Try this:-

File/Open 'Explosion'

File/Open 'Spider'

Select 'Move' tool in toolbox and drag 'Spider' over 'Explosion' to where you need it

Select 'Magic Wand' tool, select white background of 'Spider' and delete

From menu choose Select/Deselect and you should have it - hopefully

  hssutton 17:38 13 Sep 2014

I use Photoshop, so not to sure if you have the following tools, depends on how old you version of Elements is.

First duplicate you spider in Layers. Then simply select the white background with your 'Magic Wand'(you are very fortunate in having the white background as this simplifies the problem. Then go to 'Select'>>'Invert'>> this in turn selects the spider. If the selection is accurate enough for you purposes then OK otherwise go to 'Select'>>'Modify'>>'Contract' by approx 2 pixels.

Now open your image of the explosion. You should now have both images open in Elements, but just the explosion displaying. now go to your spider which should be displayed as "Spider" at the top of your display and drag this onto the desktop. You will now see both the Explosion and the Spider displayed.

Now select your move tool, in Photoshop this is like an arrow head, with this selected you can now drag you spider into position.

May sound a little complicated, but in practice it's extremely easy, assuming your version of Elements is not to ancient. Just one point to watch and that is the size of the spider, you may find you need to reduce the size so that it looks realistic.

  BRYNIT 17:41 13 Sep 2014

Some more tutorials on Photoshop elements 10,11 and 12 CLICK HERE

You could also find tutorials on youtube CLICK HERE

  BillSers 08:31 14 Sep 2014

Thanks all, I'll probably spend all day messing around and will let you know.

  BillSers 16:14 15 Sep 2014

I managed it using csqwared's way.

Thanks to all. It's the cover of my new book. Any criticism welcomed.

click here

  csqwared 16:45 15 Sep 2014


Glad to be of help.

Tried your link, where's the spider & explosion or am I missing something?

  lotvic 17:29 15 Sep 2014

csqwared, you have to download the file. It's a .jpg

Nice spider :)

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