any overclockers here ?

  jonnytub 20:58 19 May 2004

Hi all, is it possible to overclock this system, ASRock k7s8x mobo, Athlon 2600xp prcsr, very large and loud thermaltake heatsink and fan, two sticks of 256 ddr mem, 400w psu, nvidia geforcefx 5200 graphics card, atx case with 2 internal fans, all fans are adjustable from 3150 rpm to 6050 rpm, normal operating temp is about 48 celsius on low fan rpm and about 53 celsius under load. The whole system can be cooled to about 41 celsius when under heavy load. Reason i ask is i a good friend of mine wants every drop of performance squeezed out of this machine and stupidly asked me to do it. After a quick search i found there's very little on overclocking the processor or graphics card. does anybody know any different or should i tell him to leave well alone with what after benchmarking is a reasonably fast machine.

  OneSirKnight 21:15 19 May 2004

with the price of cpu's getting cheaper,myself i cant see any point in overclocking,but you will always find arguments to the contrary,i know of 4 people who have had to rebuild new pc's due to attempts on overclocking in the past,

  OneSirKnight 21:17 19 May 2004

found this for you if you wish to investigate further click here

  jonnytub 21:31 19 May 2004

will give your info and links a look over.

  jonnytub 17:06 20 May 2004

just an update guys i've got his 2600xp processor upto 2253mhz from 2090mhz. thanks for the help. i think i might try the same on my pc.

  jonnytub 17:07 20 May 2004

what am i saying, CHEERS ONESIRKNIGHT

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