Any one using Norton Internet Security 2005

  HXP 00:04 28 Mar 2005


My existing subscription on Norton 2004 is expiring and i would like to hear from anyone using 2005 - any problems.

My choices are

Renew 2004 for £27 from the Norton site or buy 2005 from Carrera for £19 + postage.

Puzzled why extending my subscription costs more than buying the full upgraded product but my main concern is any intallation useage issued with 2005.

Athlon 64 3.7 + 1 GB ram + XP ( I think that's the relevant info)



  Number 7 00:18 28 Mar 2005

I'm using Norton IS 2005 with no problems whatsoever- I await the Norton-bashers.

Buying from Carrera seems to me to be OEM- there could be restrictions in the EULA.

That is, you may only be able to install the Carrera version on one PC- and one PC only.

  THE TERMINATOR 00:29 28 Mar 2005

That's a good price, but click here and get one from here. The only problem with NIS I had, was a conflict with Microsofts anti-spyware.

  jbp1982 00:49 28 Mar 2005

I use it and I like it, my only niggle with it was that it "hogged" resources. But because I like the software, let's face it - it's doing an important job pretty darn well, I added more RAM, problem solved. I am now using 1GB RAM with an Athlon XP 3200+ on W-XP.

I'd recommend it & your getting a better price than I did :(

  Paranoid Android 00:53 28 Mar 2005

I have always been a fan of Norton (Symantec) products and this one is no exception. The product is stable and seems to catch all the nasties (if kept updated).

Having used 2004 and 2005 (not on the same machine) I find 2005 simpler to operate - but the difference is faily marginal.

It is very good at 'learning', and moving from Norton AV + ZoneAlarm to NIS was pretty painless.

My only criticism (very minor point) is it sometimes seems to take while to start up.


  Dan the Doctus 01:05 28 Mar 2005

I had a 3 month trial version pre-installed on the laptop I've just purchased. Hated it, so uninstalled it and replaced it with AVG and ZoneAlarm. Much better, and don't cost a penny.

  jbp1982 01:14 28 Mar 2005

ZoneAlarm + free = me getting locked outta the internet all the time.

NIS 2005 + small cost = me having none of the above hassle.

I have subjected myself to all the security tests online and passed them all, with NIS 2005.

  THE TERMINATOR 01:34 28 Mar 2005

Freebies don't seem to be worth the hassle, so I've had Norton on my pc for 5 years, and no probs except Ms Anti-spyware. But I use Adaware anyway.

  squashman 02:04 28 Mar 2005

recently unistalled av2003 and installed int security 2005 and so far no problems. very easy to use and dowloads seem slightly quicker

  Amadas 03:45 28 Mar 2005

I just uninstalled Norton 2005 as it was taking up over 70 Mb of resources, and after installing and running AVG 7.0, it picked up 8 that the latest version of Norton didn't. Shake your heads people, Norton ain't that great! For the money, you'd expect a much better program. I've also had McAfee and didn't like it either.

I run ZAPro, AVG 7.0 and Ad-Aware SE and am very satisfied. I'll stick with the "no hassle" free ones and wouldn't hesitate in spending a little more and upgrading to the more advanced verions that they may offer. They've proven themselves to me.


  sunny staines 09:27 28 Mar 2005

got norton I.S.2005 no problems with ms spyware.

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