Any one using AMD Ryzen 5 or 7 CPU?

  rickf 13:09 01 Apr 2019

Hi Thinking of buying a laptop with one of the above AMD CPUs. How have you found it if you are using one. Appreciate quick response as have seen a good offer. Thanks

  rickf 14:42 02 Apr 2019

Seems everyone here on Intel then.

  martd7 14:55 02 Apr 2019

If it helps there's a comparison here

click here

  Menzie 15:39 02 Apr 2019

There's usually a big difference between laptops and desktop requirements. I can't speak for the laptop side regarding battery life, etc.

However I have a Ryzen 7 2700 in my desktop, it's a very capable processor. The included cooler is quiet and looks fantastic with the glowing AMD logo.

The processor paired with my aging AMD 290X still games well and does everything I've asked of it including multitasking, drafting documents, scanning and editing documents, video encoding and audio creation and playback.

As for reliability I have had no issues with any AMD or Intel CPU I've owned. It works and works for years, no stability issues or anything of that nature.

As for this good deal, what sort of laptop is it? Which Ryzen is it and what is your usage?

  Old Deuteronomy 20:39 02 Apr 2019

I have been using a Ryzen 7 2700 since last August. I play MMORPG/RPG games and it makes mincemeat of them. Mulitasking is like nothing I have ever used before, so much faster and it's great running multi-threaded programmes, I like to play with a fractal generating program that runs in all 16 threads. Also. much better bang per buck than Intel (motherboards are cheaper for AMD too).

  rickf 20:57 02 Apr 2019

Thanks for all the inputs. I will go for a Ryzen 5. Competitive pricing against Intel. Good as Intels are, they are overpriced.

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