Any one with electrical knowledge..

  So Afraid 19:50 02 Jul 2008

Our electric meter/box is fitted with RCD protection,does this cover power surges or will i have to buy a surge protector for my pc/tv etc.

  amonra 19:54 02 Jul 2008

No, it only senses an inbalance between L and N. so the voltage surges do not register. For peace of mind get yourself a surge protector strip.

  wis 19:55 02 Jul 2008

rcd , will not protect power surge, you will
require extra protection, but good ones are not
cheep but your pc ect is not also

  MarvintheAndroid 19:55 02 Jul 2008

The RCD in the consumer unit will provide basic protection, but I would recommend a separate anti-spike surge protector for your computer equipment. The reason for this is that RCDs are designed to trip in the event of electrical faults such as shorts or earth leakage and will not necessarily trip if there is a mains surge.

You can usually get one which will protect your incoming phone circuit as well.


  chub_tor 20:03 02 Jul 2008

RCD stands for Residual Current Detection and checks to make sure that any current flowing in the earth circuit is less than a safe limit. It has no surge protection capability as far as your PC or TV is concerned. As amonra says you would be well advised to buy a good power strip that is fitted with surge protectors for mains power, the telephone line (to protect your internet connection) and some even have surge protection for the TV aerial.

  So Afraid 20:29 02 Jul 2008

Ok cheers i will look for a surge protector.

  Spark6 20:51 02 Jul 2008

An RCD does not check the current flowing in an earth circuit! Amonra's description is correct.

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